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November 23, 2018
Hey there everybody:I am finally back after 8 months or so of not having time to do anything online. Working in a greenhouse project kept me away from every other activity I was developing, not to talk that the only internet I had was through my mobile phone, but no time to connect to the net.I have to go back to the greenhouse, so I guess this very short note is to just let you know I will try to re-launch my activities at WA and reencounter with some good pals within the community.I see you a
February 23, 2018
Hello you all, Eugenio here.Tomorrow we will host 2018 family gathering!In the past weeks myself and my siblings have been too busy getting all set up for our yearly family gathering of around 140 relatives that have confirmed their participation -looking and contracting catering service, searching for hotel accommodations, live music, optional tours and so on.All of that has been time consuming and an addition to our personal daily chores but this year we are the hosts. It is always a huge cel
Money is at the foundation of modern society, we all need it. My father used to say: “Making money is easy, but what is difficult is making money honestly”. That thought he taught us through his words, but especially through his example is engraved in my brain for as long as I remember and I consider it one of my father’s most precious gifts. He was such an honest, talented, helping, hard working person and his example still remains and conducts my behaviour.A natural, general
February 11, 2018
Hello you all at WA. Two or three days ago I realized I have 1,048 followers and I am following over 1,700 of you.That is something I have never achieved in my social networks and it just feels great because I know that thanks to WA I now have met people from so many different Countries with similar interests to mine:1.- Helping others2.- Getting or doing online businessIt is so charming and inspiring to feel virtually close to soooo many of you people. Not to speak about the commitment and res
Just 27 minutes ago as I returned from the ranch I opened up a PM from Kyle letting me know I have been accepted!That is just wonderful. It is the best thing that has happened to me this year so far!...And now... let's do it!Thank you Kyle for your support and encouragement, this alone is worth having gone yearly taking advantage of Black Friday offer. Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much!All the bast to WA'ers from México.Eugenio.
December 12, 2017
Frost today was heavier but our heaters worked just fine in protecting the plants. I will have to go recharge them later on and light them this evening.Does anybody know something about a certain cat that is going to be taken out of the box by Kyle? I just came back and began WA'ing but I took off the gloves and my hands are so cold they are stiff and it is hard to write fluently. I am going to make some coffee.Maybe anytime Kyle will release the cat, which I consider is a lovely one. Meanwhile
December 12, 2017
Yesterday morning there was a big frost. It is very important to have some ways to protect plants, We light some home made special kind of sawdust efficient stoves that use very little fuel (wood) and the exhaust is almost smoke free (the stoves have a smoke trap).All along the vegetable garden and fruit trees area we deploy the stoves every 12 to 20 ft. They are made with 1 gal tin cans and they release heat into the surrounding air almost at ground level, where you find the coldest air. The h
Wealthy Affiliates, as we all have realized, has a huge amount of Courses, Lessons, Classrooms, Live video, Affiliate Classroom, Trainings, Posts, Live chat… you could keep on reading, watching, listening and learning full time for life here at WA because all the teachings are continuously updated or new ones are created.Any affiliate can create Trainings, but with one restriction: only three months after joining. Why? The reason is simple: In order to create a worthwhile training you mu
Who can resist such an extraordinary offer from Kyle and Carson? I was on a monthly payment deal, but here in México the US Dollar is usually going up slowly but steadily from one month to the next. Going yearly I paid 12 months in advance and I will not have to worry about the exchange rates for the whole year.Plus, from now on I will be charged only $299.00 USD every coming year. As I said at the beginning of this post. Who can resist such an extraordinary offer?THANK YOU SOOO MUCH KYL
Eleven courtyards streetHello you all at WA!By reading biographies of a lot of affiliate friends I have learned that many people are retired and struggling to make ends meet because their checks just do not suffice enough. It is very sad to see that so many hard workers that put so much effort for so many years to do their best for their jobs, and finally to the company's owners financial benefits, are just not getting enough money to have a decent and comfortable much deserved lifestyle after