TRUE Freedom starts from Within.

Last Update: May 18, 2018

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HAve you got yourself into a place within where you really want to get personal, like, totally being Oneself and telling the world about ones experience, even TRANSPARENT & allowing self to just be comfortable about telling people your Story.

Have You done that before? It's a pretty amazing experience! It shows You start see your beliefs programmed deep within which awakens you to what needs working on within, it is such a great exercise I wanted to share,

I didn't expect to feel the way I did, but personally something was doing some BIG shifting inside of me. Funny thing is I never knew I felt the ways I did. & What I did notice, was emotions stirring inside me the more I sat with Me!.

Yes! suddenly feelings of.. I'm not good enough, I'm not feeling worthy enough, or even clever enough to fulfil this adventure, mumblings in my mind, masterfully trying to deplete my joys that I want to be experiencing at this time in my life.

People call it sabotage, I see Why?

I was quite shocked to hear my own self's mind trying its utmost to sabotage my new venture, repeated voices continuously playing in my head. You cant do that, your dreaming if you think you can make money, little long making millions on line and so forth.

I do know through personal development workshops I had done, that if one was getting caught up in the I DONT DESERVE Mentality, A Low Negative Energy behind that thought it would BLOCK ALL FLOW from coming my way.

I know, I didn't want to be blocking No flow from not coming my ways. I want flow coming to me continuously from many sources and increasing second by second.

This has made me look within at my thoughts, my beliefs on money and wealth, success and abundance to see what's my true feelings are from within.'

It made me understand why I was feeling scarce in my life or why I was having feelings of lack.

From this moment I promised to stop seeing lack and scarcity, this moment I will change every thought to abundance & prosperity! I truly Give gratitude for being shown a way. A portal for true freedom from Within, that creates an amazing life on the outside, when we awaken.

This, has made me think FIRST and foremost to write about the benefits of FREEING OUR THINKING From WITHIN. Thoughts that have been stunting and stopping everything that could bring true freedom into All Aspects of ones life, needs to be changed before one can truly enjoy a life of true freedom.

Freeing Oneself Truly has to come from WITHIN & before one can truly experience true freedom they have to look at what they are holding within, beliefs deeply rooted within that its stopping people from enjoying a truly FREE Life.

I Love me more after this experience & would encourage anyone to write about themselves and see the beauty and uniqueness we all have within.

Namaste my Friends Michelle aka Energyess

Recent Comments


What an amazing self awareness you have Energyess.
To be awake and knowing oneself is the biggest part of our journey.
I loved your openness and appreciated your sharing.
I do believe your success has already begun and now the blocks are exposed...magic can now happen.
May all the abundance flow to you, endlessly.
Namaste :)

Your such a beautiful Soul, love your high vibe Spirit Di's Harmony and Thank you for commenting on Self-awareness, it truly is important to know oneself. Many abundances flow freely, easy and effortless for you also Di's Harmony. Namaste.

Thank you jasontw111 for your comment means a lot. May your dreams be totally fulfilled here in WA with all this amazing knowledge that we are very fortunate to be sharing. The very best for you and your family.

It most definately is, great blog :)

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