Spent The Weekend Switching Themes

Last Update: May 24, 2020

After reading Kyles latest blog post about slow Wordpress themes. You can find it here:


I decided to switch the theme I was using which was Thrive Theme to the Generatepress theme. Kyle said in his post that Thrive Theme is a slow theme and it will end up hurting the rankings of websites because it is so slow.

I liked Thrive themes and had to learn quite a bit but I did get good at it so it was kind of a downer to see all that hard work go to waste. But I have to say once I got my website set-up and formatted with the Generatepress theme it looks a lot nicer. A more clean look to it which I like much better.

It goes to show that although change is not fun many times it’s worth it and you come up with something better than you had before. I learned a lot through the process of changing themes.

Like I didn’t know you could set up a staging site through siterubix and change the old theme to the new one and then move the staging site over to the original site flawlessly. The technology these days is pretty amazing!

If you ever need to do a major redo of your website I suggest you get a staging site and do the changes that way. You get a staging site by asking site support for one.

But anyway it took a few days to accomplish this task and it wasn’t has hard to do as I thought!

So what I would like to know is who has had to switch their themes because they were slow and how did you go about doing it?

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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MiaL Premium
Thanks Cory, I will be doing the same in the next week or so. I have been feeling a bit anxious about doing so but knowing that I can ask site support for a staging site will help.
I have a Thrive theme also and will transfer to Generate Press too.
I’m still a bit nervous about my landing page and my headers and footers.
I’m encouraged that you’ve had success with yours.
Encourager1 Premium
It took a little creative thinking but overall my site looks a lot cleaner and less cluttered.
megawinner Premium
Well done. Great pointers you got there! 💰🏆🥇🆒
RosanaHart Premium
I like the ability to use a staging site and plan to do it in the next few months via siterubix. I changed a couple of my sites to Generatepress from a slower and more elaborate theme and still have work to do on one of them. (This week...)
Dorrie1 Premium
Great job thank You for advice
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
I was planning on changing the theme of one of my sites. Is it difficult to accomplish?
Encourager1 Premium
It depend on the theme. Thrive theme is more like a total website editing machine. There was a lot to change to get the website to look right in Generatepress.

Most themes don’t need that much formatting when your switching themes.
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
Thank you for your advise. I'm switching themes but not exactly sure which one I'm going with yet.