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February 11, 2016
I just came across h5p, a free open-source html5 site. They have a free wordpress plugin that lets you put cool little interactions on your blog, things like interactive videos, powerpoint style presentations, flashcards, etc. Their interaction builder lets you build all this stuff yourself, without needing to know any code and they look really clean on a webpage, mobile device, etc. They go right inside your blog post. It's so cool!So I've been thinking, how awesome would that be to make a sta
February 04, 2016
Well, I've been a member of WA for a month now and it's been so worth it. Haven't made any money yet but very pleased not only with the training but with how enjoyable I'm finding my website to be. It's fun to feel like I'm creating something that might be of use in the world!I'm not going to do this every month, but I'm feeling some lag set in. In the interests of not losing momentum, I've decided to write up how my goals went/what I want to accomplish next month (I'm a goal-setting fiend, I f
January 30, 2016
Well folks, I finally, finally turned off the coming soon page on my website. I joined wealthy affiliate almost a month ago, and I wish I could say it's taken so long because I was just so busy making it awesome, but, well...One thing I've learned is to focus in and get the work done! There's no time for misplaced perfectionism. I've suffered so much writer's block this month. The theme was ready, but getting the content onto the page has proven difficult! I spent nearly three weeks worrying ab
January 17, 2016
So I've been here just over a week. Not long, but long enough to know that I'm serious. Actually I had thought about starting a website for a long time, so I was already mentally prepared when I joined WA. Now, having access to all the great training and wonderful community here, I'm not just determined I am EXCITED :D So, although I'm still getting my feet under me, I want to set some 2016 goals. Because I'm a goal-setting, list-making fiend and doing so will help me to stay on track when the
January 15, 2016
For all the other other indie author types on here. I haven't exactly hit it big in my own self-publishing endeavors, but I have a few thoughts on marketing and affiliate marketing for self-published books. Take them or leave them as you like ;)In no particular order:1) Get reviews. Reviews make a huge difference in whether a casual customer chooses your book or someone else's on the e-shelf. You can submit to and get a free, excellent, honest review to use as you like. It l
January 09, 2016
Well I decided to take the plunge and go Premium. I haven't had time to get as in depth as I would have liked to this first 6 days, but I've seen enough to start getting excited! The resources and community here definitely look like something worth risking $19 on, and I have a feeling it's going to pay off big time. I've got some great goals set for myself, but I've had to scale back. I came up with a whole bunch of niches which I narrowed to four, made plans for all of them, and then decided t