Community help please. Is this allowed?

Last Update: July 20, 2020

Hi awesome community,

I'm wanting to add a testimonial section to my site with maybe 10-12 comments from people who like my website and to add links back to your sites too.

It's kind of like comments and I thought of putting this in the comment request section but it's not comments on a post as such.

So, kind of like site feedback but I need to copy the testimonials into a widget to make them live on the site.


Where should I put this request?? Is here okay?


What do we think? Is this possible?

I'm particularly looking for people interested in parenting / craft with kids, but also internet marketing / making money blogging sites would be great.

TIA, Emma x

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mertens Premium
Hi Emma,

There are a few options:
- Create a Testimonial page (and menu item).
- Include them in your About page ("What others think about us").
- Place a good one on top of your home page (should be short and sweet). Gives you instant credibility.
- Spread them throughout your website. A good place is at the bottom of each page to reinforce your authority.

Go with your gut feeling - no need to ask anybody for permission. As long as you don't overdo it, testimonials are highly recommended.

By the way, your Instagram widget blocks the entire right-hand side of your website (including menu). I use Firefox and cannot click it away.

Emma06 Premium
Thanks Martin, I'm fixing that Pinterest issue now.

Yes, keen to do a testimonial section and just need to connect with people who want to collaborate with it :)
hmblack Premium
I think that is a great idea. I would love to see other people's websites too.

I will follow you if that is ok.

Hope you get this idea approved.

Have you tried asking support?

Have a great day.

Emma06 Premium
Thanks Helen x
LMH1968 Premium Plus
A lot of members have their sites on the profile page. Me included
Emma06 Premium
Yes, thanks Lisa. Helen, I should have said, check out the "Follow Me on" section on peoples' profile pages. You'll also get to see site examples when you give website feedback (maybe later depending on if you're at that bit yet) x
LMH1968 Premium Plus
I’m not sure where you should put this.
It’s a great idea.🌹
Emma06 Premium
Thanks Lisa!
LMH1968 Premium Plus
You are very welcome 🌹