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February 12, 2020
Hello everyone after a very long absence. Sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes there's very good reason for that and plenty to be learnt. I decided to keep up my membership here despite not being able to work and eventually I forgot I was still a premium member. Then, I came back to start again. I have moved countries in the meantime. I am so happy to be back home in the UK again and the trauma of the past is behind me. For my lifestyle and business dreams, this means my perspective has
I'm sticking around, I've made myself at home. Yes! I've committed to Wealthy Affiliate's Yearly Membership in my very first month. Why? It's not just the savings, though the extra money each month will help, and the overall savings each year are HUGE!Mostly, yearly membership represents for me a commitment to my future. I know that I will continue to learn and thrive in this environment and I am committed to long term sustainability of the businesses I am building.Thanks everyone for your comm
About three days into my Wealthy Affiliate journey, I received a link to Kyle’s First Live Class - Learn From My Last 14 years. If you’re just starting out, or struggling later on in your journey, this video is well worth the watch.Over the years, Kyle has seen thousands of success stories, but also gets a lot of feedback on a day to day basis as to what people are feeling and where they’re getting stuck, and why people fail.This video offers Kyle’s incredible perspectiv
August 08, 2018
Google has indexed my siteI am so excited that my site has now been indexed. Happy Days!Thank you Google and thank you Wealthy Affiliate. You know, even though - as I understand it - wordpress sites are pretty much indexed by default, I'm not taking this milestone for granted. Why?Well, because there are just too many things to be grateful for. My site simply wouldn't have been indexed, giving me the opportunities I have today, were it not for...1) The world wide web - thank you2) Google - than