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I Just Sold A Big Ticket Item For One Of The Brands I Heavily Promote....I got an email last week (with no warning or explanation) saying my commission for this brand on ShareaSale had been cut from 5% to 0%. This is a brand who last year invited all their affiliates to join them on the Impact platform instead, so I get commissions through Impact as well. I'd been meaning to consolidate all my links onto one platform (Impact, since they'd indicated that was their preferred platform) and when I
September 09, 2020
Something Really Cool Happened To Me Today.I started my working day by checking my emails, and: there was one that had come in via the contact form via my website.So far, I've only had spam come through so I was dubious as I clicked on it. BUT: it was a real message. It was from a big international brand who is introducing their product to my country (New Zealand), and they want to work with me! This is the first time I've had a brand ask to work with ME, not the other way around.They are going
Are you feeling like your posts just aren't getting anywhere, and will never rank?I've got some information to share with you about my own website that I hope will inspire you to keep going.I've been working on my current site (I just stick to one.... as they grow, websites tend to take on a life of their own and I've only got time for one) since January 2019.Some of my very first reviews, that I wrote way back when, have started ranking recently, and getting some decent sales.Many of these pos
I'be been quiet on my WA blog for a while... more than a year actually, I've been busy working on my site. Since my last report where I'd grown my site to $100 per month, it's now close to $2000 per month (in New Zealand dollars).My niche is super competitive (homewares/furniture) and I'd been struggling with ranking against many much bigger and more authoritative sites than mine using products based in the USA. It was easiest to find afffiliate programs in the USA via platforms like ShareaSale
June 03, 2019
A Month Of PositivesIf you've read any of my previous progress reports, you'll know I've struggled with motivation and my mood these past few months. Luckily I was anticipating this and had the strategies in place to deal with it head on (post less but with quality and consistency, focus on small targets to make sure I could feel like my site was progressing)Things changed for me during May, and my expectations were exceeded beyond what I could ever have hoped.What were my goals and expectation
A few weeks ago, I blogged that my site made its very first sale.Well, I am happy to report that even though I'm only in month 5 of working on this site, my earnings for the month are now $150!Given my site is so new, I thought that first sale was a one off. I'm so excited it wasn't. I won't expect any consistent income yet, but this is a great sign I'm taking my site in the right direction.My site does not have much traffic at all, but I promote very high value items that earn me big commissio
I just wanted to share the excitement! My new site, which has been my sole focus since January (see my progress reports for exactly what I've been doing), just made its first sale! I now have $19 sitting waiting for me at ShareASale. This is a lot sooner than I expected, as I'm in a competitive niche and review high value products. I was hoping to start seeing some sporadic sales maybe in a few months time, not this early. It's so great to see this first sale. I've been struggling with my motiv
Slowly Ticking Along. April has been a slow month for me. I'm here for the long game, and this month has been all about keeping things ticking along when I just really didn't want to do ANYTHING.What were my goals and expectations going into this month?My goal was to keep it simple, and focus on content. Even though I was feeling emotionally depleted, I kept my usual monthly goal of: Eight helpful information only articles of around 1000 words eachThree review posts with affiliate links of arou
Well. I'm Glad That's Over. March 2019. What a terrible, terrible month it has been. Every single week there was just something really awful that happened. There was a measles outbreak in my city and I had to keep my too young to be vaccinated baby away from public spaces (no supermarket for us!)There were TWO family health emergencies and a prolonged unexpected rushed trip away.There was the horrific terrorist attack that happened right here in my home city of Christchurch. I can't even begin
February 28, 2019
Another month flew by!Gosh I know February is a short month anyway, but between focusing on my kids when they're awake to being on the computer pretty much every minute they are not, the year is really flying by. I can't believe its the start of another month already. I find writing these monthly progress reports keeps me accountable (to myself) and will provide something interesting to look back on. So here is what February was like for me. What were my goals and expectations going into this m