The ONE thing to NEVER do if you want to make money blogging

Last Update: July 26, 2019

It's been 3 years now since I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate, and I wanted to share a little bit about my story and the one thing you absolutely cannot do if you want to make money with this blogging thing. I'm a parenting blogger now, and while I don't consider my income full time yet, it's more than I ever thought possible online.

Before I signed up here, I was internet "clueless". So if I can do this, so can you. I had no social media channels set up, didn't read blogs, didn't know what blogs were, had never heard of the term HTML or wordpress, and certainly had no idea how people made money online.

After a little interenet search for something like "how to make side income from home" I stumbled on a few sites sharing how they started making money onlne. It seemed weird, maybe too good to be true, but possible. So I kept learning and reading.

One thing led to another and I ended up reading and researching Wealthy Affiliate, and signed up for the free trial. I devoured everything I could with the little time I had (as a stay at home mom with a baby and toddler.) I went Premium and told myself I had 1 year to figure out how to make money off the blog or I'd be done.

I had so many reasons to quit, but didn't.

I didn't see any progress for over a year. And even stopped altogether for 6 months, because the technical part of blogging was SO overwhelming. But I didn't quit.

I didn't tell anyone I blogged, or how I spent two hours a day when the babies napped. But I didn't quit.

I didn't say, I can't afford this. Instead, I picked up an online side gig called website usability testing to pay for my Wealthy Affiliate cost.

And then one day, a year later or so, I made an Amazon affilate sale. It was $0.13. It was everything I needed to NOT quit. Soon after, a baby company asked to send me free items to review on my blog. Eventally I figured out how to find paid sponsored work. And then I figured out how to grow my pageviews enough to get accpeted into Mediavine (great paying ad network). Here's how I grew my pageviews from 0-11K in one month. Three years later, I'm so glad I didn't give up on myself.

If you are wondering what the one thing is you should NEVER do if you want to make money's quit. Force yourself to answer one question at a time and then apply it. The reason why most blogs fail is because someone quits. Keep going, keep learning, keep applying. You dreams are possible if you will do the work.

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Swangirl Premium
Thanks for your inspiring story! I have been here for several years and like most people I have gotten discouraged from time to time.

Between having a full-time job and a property management business with my husband and health problems, I am swamped! It would be easy to say I simply don't have time for this.

I have seen how it works though. I get a regular trickle of sales from my sites and I know if I put in more time that trickle will be a flow. In the meantime I will keep at it and not quit. Someday, the properties and websites will be my full time income! It is so nice to know my websites are always there and ready to bloom when I put some time into them. I get top ten rankings for many of my posts and have had quite a few featured snippets as well. What I am doing is working so I know I just need to ramp it up to be successful. Therefore, my websites are a powerful little business just waiting to take off.

I am glad you are doing so well with your business!

Embwsu Premium
Your story is great and how awesome some are ranking so well! SEO is what I’m working on now and like everything takes so much time! But you are right a trickle will turn into a flow if you don’t quit. Good job keep it up!
Swangirl Premium
Thanks. It is so easy to get discouraged when you add up years invested but compared to other businesses the investment here is tiny (monetarily) and we have a much higher chance of being successful if we stick with it.
Selenityjade Premium
Excellent post! I agree! You can succeed if you don't quit!
mcknisu Premium
I love your post...thank you...yes I agree we must all keep it going and walk the talk!! Thank you for your inspiration.
Embwsu Premium
Your welcome! Thanks for reading.