30 Thankful Days Series - Day 1 - I am Thankful for My Dad

Last Update: November 01, 2020

Hello WA Family👋

I hope everyone is well and that your online business grows and thrives.

These past days I have not been online here in WA because I have been trying to support my Mom and sister via video calls, chats on Whatsapp, etc even in the day time in Arizona (late night over there in Indonesia) because they are taking care of my Dad whose health has been worsening since he suddenly could not walk three weeks ago.

So now he is in the wheelchair, depending on the oxygen tank (my sister has to refill it at least three times a day), and his nebulizer, and medicines. This breaks my heart because I wish I were there or I wish I lived close by so I could just come and visit anytime I wanted to. Living thousands of miles apart kills me inside knowing his condition and how my Mom and sister losing their sleep to care for him day and night. Yesterday my Dad could only get an hour of sleep. I can't imagine how exhausted my Mom and sister are (both emotionally and physically).

This pandemic is not helping too. Since he has acute bronchitis, asthma, and his right heart is swelling, people at the hospital would suspect him of having COVID19. If my family took him to the hospital, first, they are worried about the waiting time at the E.R., then there is a possibility that they would not be able to care for him if they limit people to be there in the E.R. for safety reasons, next, they fear that he would be isolated alone for his lungs problems.

Thankfully, a kind friend in Bali is sending a rapid test kit for him. So maybe if they could have the results for negative COVID19, he would not be isolated once they took him to the hospital. So, currently, they are waiting for the kit to come.

My sister keeps me update on his condition and we do a video call once or twice a day now.

This month I would like to start a 30 Thankful Days blog series to express my gratitude to God.

It is still November 1st here in Arizona, so today I am thankful for my Dad. He is still living and breathing. I pray for miracles that he will be himself again and be back to sound health.

Christmas in 2015 before I moved to Arizona, USA in 2016.

Dad's birthday in October 20th, 2020. My family invited people from the church to pray for him. He looked fine that day.

Two days ago he started to lose his consciousness. He can't think straight. I am not sure if he could remember the people around him for long. The strangest thing the other day my sister said that he thinks my Mom and sister are a thread for him. He wanted to leave the house with his wheelchair and asked for help from our neighbors. That breaks their hearts for sure. There are other things that they don't tell me for sure. I would not know my Dad could not walk if I did not call Mom. My Mom thought that my sister has told me.

No matter what is my Dad's condition now. I am still thankful for him. God has given me a great Dad, a role model for me and my siblings.

Please pray for his recovery. 🙏

Thank you all.

Happy November.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy. Take care of your health!

Arizona, November 1st, 2020 - 11:37 PM.

P.S. If you have sent me private messages, I try to get back to you tomorrow. I apologize for not responding as soon as possible.

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FlxGo99 Premium
Hello Ferra,

I hope your Father will heal fast and get back to his normal life, which indeed will permit your loved ones to get some rest.

God willing he'll be fine soon, don't lose faith, ok?

My prayers going out for you and your Dad. Have e resting night.

MirandaTee Premium
Hope your dad recover soon. God bless you.
Offspring20 Premium
Hope for healing for you dad. And your whole family cause I know it’s hard to care for a sick loved one.
JKulk1 Premium
My prayers will include you and your Dad Ferra. All the best. Jim
Amykaza79 Premium
Be strong 💪💪💪💪💪