Top 4 Ways Technology Has Changed Education

Last Update: November 16, 2018

Technology has a great impact on all spheres of our lives and education is not an exception. Technology has already transformed education in many ways and very often the effects are disruptive in nature. Actually, they change the manner in which essential processes in writing a descriptive essay about a person are carried out. Here are some of the most profound ways how innovations are shaping education.

Increasing accessibility

In recent years, the internet technologies have greatly expanded access to education for more people. Massive amounts of information such as books, study textbooks, video, images, etc. are available at your fingertips through the internet. It’s easy for everyone to gain knowledge and improve communication, analytical and critical thinking skills thanks to a development of online learning platforms, online courses, traditional online degree programs, podcasts, professional writing agencies such as, and more. The new technologies have broken geographical barriers and resulted in practically unlimited access to learning opportunities for anyone.

Flexibility and self-paced learning

An increasing use of technology has changed the way teachers teach and students learn by creating opportunities for new methods of teaching and learning. These days, students don’t need to attend classrooms, passively receive information from their teachers, study textbooks that have nothing to do with their future career and adhere to strict deadlines dictated by somebody else. A self-paced approach that is common for online programs allows students set their own schedules depending on their abilities and the amount of time that they want to devote to their studying.

Changing the roles of teachers and learners

In a traditional school, the teacher was a primary source of information. Today, the teacher’s role is changing and begins to act as a guide and students take more responsibility for their own learning and use innovative technology to find relevant information. Students can learn in ways that suit their personal needs and interests.

Lifelong learning

In a current knowledge-driven world, learning new skills is one of the important keys to our success. A college degree can only help start a working career but people have to learn at every stage of their lives to get knowledge and skills that can help them fulfill their aspirations, be competitive on a job market, and contribute to their societies. Massive online open courses such as edX, Cousera, and others give people of all ages fantastic opportunities to learn almost anything anytime they wish. Due to technology, learning becomes a life-long activity.

With the worldwide reach of the internet of things, we are witnessing a beginning of a new age of anytime anywhere education that will make effective education available to everyone everywhere.

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