What does my ranking mean to me?

Last Update: September 01, 2020

I joined WA and became a premium in July 2020, I am ranked 1849 today.

What does my ranking mean to me?

I am not competing with anyone.

I am not making any money so yet.

I am still learning and building my website.

What did I do to reach my ranking today?

I communicate with the community and I make myself active everyday.

I ask questions.

I make friends with others.

I answer questions.

I welcome new joins.

I welcome Premium members.

I share WA with friends.

I share WA on Facebook.

This is what I could afford doing everyday.

I am so grateful efforts pay off in WA.

Thank you guys who supported me, I wasn't able to achieve all these alone without your help.

My Sincerely thanks to you, to WA and the community.

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Nellya Premium
MattilaP Premium
That's amazing. 👍👌👏
Eliteme Premium
Thank you so much.
DaisyLI Premium
You are awesome!
Eliteme Premium
Thanks a lot.
lesabre Premium
Hi Terresa, you have a great attitude and that is going to bring you success.

All the best,
Eliteme Premium
Thank you for your encouragement.
jghwebbrand Premium
Nice going!
Yep! Participating in the WA Community helps your ranking. but you are right we do it naturally because we care about the rest of the WA members.

Like you said. We are only competing with ourselves.

Thanks for you detailed report update.

We continue to wish you much more success!
Eliteme Premium
Thank you for your encouragement.