Trust the Process

Last Update: December 01, 2016

When I started with the training here at Wealthy Affiliate I was trying to jump ahead and do some things on my own in conjunction with what I was learning. I have found through community help that I need to slow down and trust the process. I am not going to have all of the answers in a day but if I keep plugging away at the training one step at a time and stop skipping around to what I think is important, I will have success. The training was set out in a way to take me in order from the beginning and I need to stay with that flow.

I am enjoying what I am learning so far. Some of the content is not new to me, but usually there are some gems that will help my progress. As I move further into the training I am sure that I will be learning things I never thought about. I am excited to get to that point. I love to learn new things and put into action what I have learned.

The moral of the story: Trust the process. One step at a time.

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seconds2work Premium
Ok, this is getting weird. Like you and a lot of people that joined WA, I also jumped around and got now because of it.

This great community told me to slow down, write about my journey here at WA, follow the steps in their order and keep working at it.

It makes a world of a differance when you are learning, to listen and following directions.

I wonder what He got in the plan for me next?

Have a great day and God bless
Agradecer Premium
Elisa, you figured it out quickly!
ctrmktg Premium Plus
So so true! Think of this like going back to school. I used to skip stuff as well but now I just speed up videos so I can save time and get s refresher of things I already know. Glad you are with us!
ElisaW Premium
Good idea about speeding up the videos. How do you do that?
Agradecer Premium
If you enlarge to Full Screen you will see a movement bar at the bottom as the video progresses. Move the bar forward or backward to speed up or repeat.

I repeat a lot. haha