How do you BLOCK phone camera?

Last Update: January 17, 2019

We are taught to block cameras on most equipments like laptop, desktops and now smart TVs, but what about on mobile phones?

I find phone cameras excessively invading, people calling you and peeping right there at you, in whatever condition you are at the time of their call. I will like to be able to block my phone cameras and only allow those I desire to video call access.

Anyone with HOW TO?

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gardenguy Premium
This is creepy Elijah. I really don't have your answer, except to offer that I don't answer calls in which I don't recognize the number......which are the majority. 70% of my calls go into voice mail. I also place, and replace, my number on the "no call" list periodically.

Elijah1916 Premium
Thanks, have searched online too. Found a sticker that you can place over your phone camera (in front). I tested with my other phone, and found out that the other person phone needs to be blocked as well for this to work. It might be interesting to know what Quora and has to say about this.
lesabre Premium
Thank you for sharing