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Each time I come to WA to search for training or blog on what I need to learn, it is like Greek to me. An update is supposed to help and not complicate matters. The earlier one is much self-helping. How do you search for what you need with this new format?I want a blog or writing on email marketing, and I am unable to arrive at it. I want an idea on Active Campaign, more so if anyone is using it here. Thank you.Lanu.
How are taking the EU GDPR? Since its introduction, only two firms have been fined, Cambridge Analytical (fined 500,000 Euros) and now British Airways fined £183.5m, both for data breaches.As small businesses, we need to take adequate care to ensure we do not breach GDPR regulations. Thankfully, we all have SSL protection here at WA, but whatever other protection we can put on our websites like Wordfence & Gravity Scan, we should go ahead and do that. Imagine hackers getting into our
Most members will agree with me that video marketing is becoming increasingly more acceptable. A greater percentage of us have in the past turned on video to understand some issues better, than just reading the text. This clearly shows us how video is becoming important part of marketing. These are current findings on video marketing:Customers prefer to watch videos than reading texts, especially on 'HOW TO' ones, explaining issues and things.Visitors to websites with videos stay longer, increa
May 26, 2019
If you are on Canva, you better change your password asap. Canva was hacked this morning, and passwords, though encrypted, according to Canva, and cannot be read by outsiders, but it is still wise to change the password.So go ahead, and log into Canva now to change your psssword.All the best always.Lanu.
It is interesting to read that e-commerce giant, Amazon has failed in China, and it is planning to leave in July.I read through a similar post in Quora, and its failure is down to the fact that the Chinese support their on (Alibaba & Taobao) over Amazon. What I call the power of beautiful cohesion, and this reminds me of a saying, ' SNOWFLAKES ARE WORLD'S MOST FRAGILE THING, YET SEE WHAT THEY CAN DO IF THEY STICK TOGETHER'. We all see the power of snowflakes in winter, and in the attic regi
We are taught to block cameras on most equipments like laptop, desktops and now smart TVs, but what about on mobile phones?I find phone cameras excessively invading, people calling you and peeping right there at you, in whatever condition you are at the time of their call. I will like to be able to block my phone cameras and only allow those I desire to video call access.Anyone with HOW TO?
You can learn web development programmes online, and for free too. Here are some to wet your appetites if interested:Google Developers Training - is for learning Android Apps or become a tech entreprenuer, Google's dev-training resources, powered by, are comprehensive and even come with graduation certificates from the big G itself. Daunting but doable. visit Earth - Sit in lectures from top colleges. This portal site point the way to online videos - cl
The longest time that can pass without a Friday the 13th is 14 months. There was only one Friday The 13th in 2011.It is thought the former American President D. Franklin Roosevelt refused to travel on 13th day of any month, and would never have 13 guests to dinner, while Napoleon Bonaparte also feared the number 13.Some hospitals do not have a room 13, while skyscrapers often skip 13th floor, airports avoid having gate 13. Research by Property Agent found house No 13 costs £3
A Canadian study indicated that there's no health gain in taking vitamin pills, and sadly some could even increase the risk of early death. It said people should derive their nutirion from fruits, nuts, vegetables and healthy diet. The study reviewed popular vitamins supplements, A, B1, B2 , B3 (NIACIN), B6, B9(FOLIC ACID), C, D & E. Minerals like carotene, calcium, iron, zinc, magnessium & selenium are also studied.It found multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium and vitamin C showed no heal
UK culture secretary has promised to introduce normality into online tech world, and make UK the safest place in the world. He wants the tech giants to verify users' age, before allowing access, and failure to do so will result in heavy penalty, he said.He set up a committee to work up on a code of practice to tackle bullying, intimidating, humiliating content, and a regular internet safety transparency. The law could take effect as early as AutumnFour in ten people experience abuse, and six in