My Journey Is My Reward!

Last Update: December 07, 2016

The Journey Is The Reward - Chinese Proverb

September 4th 2014 I seemingly 'stumbled' on to the blog post of an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, (Jay). He was answering the numerous questions of those making inquiries on how to find a place to learn online business. The questions were good and mirrored some that I had. His answers were extremely good and I made a note of the URL.

Hours later I was a member of the WA community. This was my first online signing of this kind. It felt right, people were friendly and welcoming. I was even greeted by the CEO and by the second in command as well imagined that!

Kyle told me he was following me. I had no idea why, so I asked him why. I never got a reply though. I have since figured out those welcome were automated and I now know why we follow each other! ;-) The welcomes made me feel good!

I was very new to all things computer and online. I desired to learn and change my financial situation for the better. I was nervous but I desired to do it. I have since discovered that desiring to do something consciously does not necessarily mean you also desire it subconsciously, (but you may not know it then!)

I struggled to do the Get Started lessons, the thought of actually building a website was more than I could handle inwardly. My struggle was all within me and I knew it because I felt it.

I had signed up for premium within the first 7 days but on the 8th June 2015, (9 months later) l cancelled my payments as I could not do the lessons. After all that time I had only reached lesson 7 of level 1!

My intention was to stop paying but carry on for as long as it took with the free program. I did not realize then that was not how the system worked. **

3rd November 2016 I returned to WA not so much to build a website but to ask for help with the website I currently had. It was not Google friendly in the least. In the process of waiting for the transfer of my site to be made to WA, I decided to have another go at building a website. I did it in about 7 or so days!

What was the difference this time?

There is no difference where the lessons are concerned but I am coming to find out, my subconscious mind is somewhat more accepting now of building an online business. The anxiety and fear level is so much less that it was 18 months ago.

My stay at WA maybe short lived, but I am enjoying myself being here. I am only at Level 2, but I have set a new record for myself and I am proud of it! I am my only competitor. The journey continues here (or elsewhere).

Thank you to ALL those who have assisted me in both phases of my WA journey **


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JoyNelson Premium
Sounds like you had a breakthrough! Awesome job and I hope you get everything you need from WA. - Joy
ELeslie Premium
Thanks again Joy.

I will embrace all I can get here.

This is a great place to learn and experience financial freedom in a practical way.

JoyNelson Premium