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February 16, 2019
Thank you so much for all your help and support because you guys have helped me figure out how to get the pictures from my phone on to my laptop. Now I can add some media images to my website. That a step forward!!! Some people have suggested I make videos of my cooking and preparing but I'm camera shy. Photo shots are progress in my book but I will continue to think about videos.Elaine
February 16, 2019
I have my granddaughter visiting, which is a joy, but that also means I can't work on my website at the moment because she needs to complete some of her homework on my laptop. (Oh the modem age of technology!!) At least when she does this the paper is turned in immediately and isn't "eaten by the dog". That was someone's favorite line, but I won't say who.Well I need to go because she is struggling and I should go calm her down before my laptop is throw out the window!Thanks for reading this an
February 15, 2019
Hey guys,I'm still around and well. I have started a new website which you are more than welcome to check out on my profile. I have it listed under the "follow me" section. Of course, I can't list it here because that's a no-no but check out my profile. I also want to thank any of you that have left me comments. They have been GREAT and I'm truly humbled. Sorry I don't have many pictures but I haven't figured out how to get my Android phone and my windows laptop to communicate. If anyone can he
January 26, 2019
Quick update:I have spent the last 2 days working on my website. I have decided to "reward" myself by answering WA emails and writing this quick blog.I have gone back over almost all my old posts to make sure they are still good. What I mean by that is checking keywords, making sure all links go were they should and so forth.Some of these posts were written when I first started so they were not polished. It's funny how my writing has grown since I began.I found quite a few broken links that wer
January 24, 2019
Recently I have heard and read a Very similar message. You know what people say that when you continue to hear something maybe you need to take note of that.So I would like to inform everyone that I WILL NOT BE LEAVING WA but I'm not going to be as present here on the blogging platform. I have decided I needed to work more on my websites!! Stop talking about it and actually do it!!!So it will be bye for now but I will still be behind the scenes.Have a great day everyone!!!!Tried and TrueElaine
January 20, 2019
I have a question for you. Can we influence others work? Well to be able to answer that we need to be on the same page. So to start we are going to define the word, look at a few examples and then we will answer the question together.Let's Define The WordSo the word Influence means the effect that a person has on someone or something. This is simple. This word is usually used as a noun and the synonyms are effect, impact, control, sway, hold, power, authority, ascendancy, mastery, domination, s
January 20, 2019
This is going to be a quick blog. I think I might have found some new office ideas so I can blog and work on my websites.Let me explain what I'm trying to say. Today the weather is cold. In fact the last few months have been cold weather and our new apartment is VERY COLD.My Previous PlanIn my bedroom, I set up an office area which I read is very helpful. In my previous apartment my office space was the kitchen table so when my granddaughter got home from school she would also do her homework t
January 11, 2019
My apartment complex is doing construction on the complex. I mean MAJOR construction. They closed the office just before Thanksgiving and moved the office into one of the apartments. This will be their temporary office until the construction finishes in May. Yes I said May!!What I'm doing todayWe got an email yesterday that our water would be shut off from 10am-3pm. Well at least we were warned so we could fill up some containers last night.Of course today my son is off work and it's cold and r
Looks like I may still be able to be here! Yesterday I posted that I may be leaving this wonderful platform because of financial reasons. Someone suggested I email billing again and gave me a link. I did and they responded that they will send my payment through again in a couple of days since the money is in my account.When I can get enough money to pay yearly this won't happen but until then it may happen every month. Is there a way to change the date of the payment withdraw because I don't ge
January 08, 2019
It's a sad day for me. I got a notification that my payment didn't go through. I have asked Kyle to send my payment through again because the money is there but as of today it hasn't been done. So I may have to leave this wonderful platform but not by my choice.I'm not sure what else to do so if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know. I would be happy no thrilled to hear anything so I can stay.Elaine