New Beginning with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: March 19, 2015

In early March 2015 while doing research online for 'Work from Home' opportunities via '', while saving various work from home opportunities onto my Pinterest Board this is where I came across the 'Wealthy Affiliate Program'. Like anything I felt skeptical and hesitant but did further research via 'Google Search' and the Warrior Forum' on WA just to be certain that I wasn't getting myself caught up in another scam.

I read nothing but positive things about WA and this is when I had a strong feeling to check this business out further. Over the past 2 years I had joined other Affiliate Companies some being scams while others where legit but they really didn't give you any real motivation as their programs appeared to be too complicated which lead to alot of frustration, no motivation and I simply felt so overwhelmed that I couldn't continue on.

I thought to myself "you really have nothing to loose with the first 7 days of WA membership being FREE", so I took a risk and joined. Well It has been the BEST RISK AND DECISION that I have ever made in my life!! My husband when I shared with him about the WA Program was skeptical and thought I could be falling into another trap but once he looked at the WA Program he could see how legit this company is and no longer has any concerns relating to the WA Program - WIN/WIN for us both Yeah!!

From the first day I joined WA I have felt nothing but motivation, excitement, vision for success later on down the track that is and well the training for me personally is so easy to follow which makes absolute sense. From what I have learnt to date I believe that one day I will build upon a very successful business if I continue to apply the WA teachings and work hard at it.

I have only been a member for under 2 weeks and so far my experience here at WA is truly unbelievable, everyone reaches out to help, the support is incredible and there is nothing but positive vibes coming from the WA Membership base. I have unsubscribed from the legion of other Affiliate Programs, so as to give 100% of my time to the WA Program I feel so much better for doing this no more confusion or distractions.

Everyday I am working towards achieving my WA Goals, I have found the more that I get into the WA Program by welcoming new Premium Members, responding to various blogs, giving other people feedback on their new websites or provide feedback on the Activity Dashboard the easier my job becomes, especially getting around the main WA Membership site becomes so much easier for me. I am meeting some incredible people who just help keep me focused and positive and Kyle and Carson have been AMAZING always there to help along the way.

This is my 1st real blog which I worked out how to do, so there you go there is hope for those of you still working your way around the WA Membership site. I still have much to learn but it's just one day at a time for me, I am going to enjoy this journey until I finally reach my goal.

I hope your experience here at WA is also a positive one and here's wishing you all great success for the future - Living the Dream! Cheers! Ethne

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Marilynm1 Premium
Congratulations on presenting your first post. I agree that WA is a great membership site. I wish you success as you work towards your goals. I am sure you will succeed because of your attitude. Best wishes, marilyn