Cannot Request Comments via Site Comments? That's What I did

Last Update: February 03, 2017

Hopefully it won't happen to you. But it happened to me so just for a future reference, I will write it down - what happened and how could I solve it.

There were quite a few problems connected to it.

First, I noticed that I could not request comments (via WA Site Comments) to my latest articles. All the older posts were in the list (the one where you choose your article to be commented) but the newer ones were not.

Second, when a comment was generously given, I could happily approve it in the Site Comments area. However, it never showed up in my website.

Gone. Disappeared. MIA. Even Kyle did not know what was the problem. So he recommended me to copy and paste the newly given comments manually into each of the posts. Which I did (total 6 comments I think).

Third, although I was publishing regularly, my Publishing Frequency (in Site Manager) consistently dropped (in fact, down to 20%).

So what could I do? I contacted WA Customer Service (quite a few times). Finally they could solve it.

I don't know why it happened or what they did to fix it but if these things will happen to you, then you know these things might be somehow connected.

The fastest way to fix this is by submitting a support ticket. And yes - WA customer service is just awesome. They have always been fast to reply and also very kind to me. Big thanks to them.

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mrkmccllch Premium
Had a similar problem with Site Feedback, seems to be working now. Will not hesitate to contact Site Suppot in the future.
Thx for the post.