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Last Update: August 11, 2016

I received a few interviews type of Private Message recently. And I just want to share my answers to this recent request here. Happy reading folks! :)

#1. Most people want to know how to build an online business. Your advice?

=> If you want to build an online business, I would start with these 4 simple steps:

1). Identify your Niche (a group of people) who have problems to be solved or needs to be fulfilled.

2). Create products that fits your niche, or you can promote other people products/services that are already in the market and earn commission-based sales.

3). Learn HOW to reach to your audience and connect them to your products/services. It's best to invest some money into Traffic Generation courses. Just learn from there step-by-step.

4). Once you have some customers buying the products, optimizing the business is vital. Be sure to test several variations into your marketing campaigns. Split test things that may increase customer buying decisions.

#2. What’s an example of work that you do or have done in the past?

=> The work that I have done in my online business so far is creating helpful content to my readers. I give them some directions on How to Make Money Online, and point them to a special Affiliate Marketing Platform called "Wealthy Affiliate".

#3. What do you do on a daily basis to grow as an online entrepreneur?

=> I always have a game plan in mind. I schedule most of my activities, and be productive. I make sure to get things done based on the scheduled plan. This keeps me away from distraction and laser focus on my online business.

#4. What motivates you each morning?

=> My biggest motivation is to escape Employment after my college graduation. I just don't want to work 9-5 and making someone else wealthy, instead I prefer to travel the world with my business without having to put long hours into it.

#5. What’s the single most important reason for your success?

=> Consistency.

#6. If you could go back to day one of your online business what would you do differently?

=> I would scout on other successful Affiliate Marketers more often, and learn from them.

#7. How did you make your first sale and how long did it take?

=> I remember my first sale came in around month 3 mark since the initial content I published. It surprised me as I had email notification that I had just made my 1st sale. It felt great! I wish I knew how exactly it happened.

#8. What mindset helped you achieve success?

=> Think of the future. I tend to focus on the long run instead of short term thinking. We might lose money in the beginning when doing online business, but if we are persistent and track our progress + keep pushing forward, the reward will be MUCH MUCH BIGGER later!

#9. What was the tipping point for your online business?

=> I gained significant momentum when I realized this Affiliate Marketing industry is about taking action AS SOON AS you spot an opportunity. For example, there is a new product that get released and we predict it is going to have many attraction, from there a content must be produced based on the "new product". Since the product is new, the competitions will be little to none, thus it's the best time to get your voice out there and be seen. You can also strategically point the readers to any related product within a page, and make some quick $$$.

#10. What are the three critically important words for future online entrepreneurs?



Edy Chandra

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Backontrack Premium
This is some encouraging feedback!

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Hey Eddy, I would probably say "I did It" rather than "Just do it" It gives me more of a positive feeling. Cheers Tracy :)
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Great stuff Edy! :)
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Great advice :)
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Thanks Edy.
It will be live soon on Here's the main image to give you a gist of it.
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Thanks man! :D
MudreM Premium
My pleasure.