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Hello everyone! How are you doing?Man, it took me a while to make a new blog post!I have been so busy lately! ~_~'So, this past weekend I completed Course 2 and I'm now headed for Course 3! Let's hope I can start monetizing my site soon, because E3 is approaching and it should be a good time to experience a small traffic increase and capitalize on that...It's been around two months and a week since I started back in March and it has now grown a little bit. Even when tired, I'm
March 20, 2015
Hi everyone! So, after a few weeks of joining WA and thinking about a lot of things, I FINALLY created my website! YAY! Today, I completed the Getting Started lessons up to lesson 5 and still can't believe I'm actually doing this... must be from the excitement! I kind of feel like a child with a new toy, ha ha! Since I'm making a website about all things Nintendo I decided to name it nintendokusou. The name comes from joining the words nintendo and dokusou, the latter meaning "originality" or "