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Last Update: October 24, 2015

I am not sure if this will have any direct affect on rankings but I believe that one should try to find a domain name (at namecheap) which is available while still a starter. The domain name can then be used with and then when you become a premium member you can buy and use the same domain name. Your comments will really be appreciated.

FYI: I have used (free) and now moved the same site to WA as

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edlange Premium
Not really difficult to do,
1. Go to Namecheap.
2. Find Domain name relevant to your niche which is available
3. Apply same name to you (free site)
When you become a premium member in all likelihood the domain name should still be available. Buy it and move your site as per training.
ibmountain Premium
Makes sense to me!
adreyna Premium
That makes sense, was it very difficult to do?