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Last Update: November 02, 2015

We hear in our training of things like, clicks, visitors, visits , ranking, traffic etc. to our websites. Could I please get some clarity on the above plus any plug-ins that can be recommended to see the results of the above?

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TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Hi Ed

There are as far as I know no plugins to get results for clicks, visitors, ranking, traffic etc. to our websites. I personally use Social Media, keyword targeting, tags and other sites to get traffic to my site.

I hope that helps Ed,
musicman99 Premium
This a lot to cover and answer in one question. My biggest advice to you is to just go through all of the training from start to finish and all will become clear :) Seriously, a book can be written about all of these topics combined. And many books have been written about it, haha. Sorry I'm not able to give much more detail in one answer, but the video training is really what's going to answer all of these for you.