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I've been in the make money industry since the early 90s. But I was never able to make a full time living with it until about 2008.

Around that time is when I did the math. I was finally making more money part time running my affiliate marketing business than I was full time in Corporate America. So I made the choice to leave.

For 5 years I was a stay at home dad that was able to raise my kids and annoy my wife all the time. That's because she no longer had to work as well. All of this is a direct result of my affiliate marketing business and a lot of help from the big guy above.

Most of the time you can find me chilling at my blog: WorkAtHomeNoScams.com helping people make money from home and responding to their comments. Yes, there are other ways to make money online and I teach folks about them while making them laugh in the process. I also recently started another blog MoreRealReviews.com which is on track to be another great source of income for me. You can never have too many sources of income folks.

That said, I've taken the SEO skills I've learned here in WA and have used them for consulting opportunities and I work as a Director of SEO strategy for a fortune 100 company. So needless to say what the little money I invested to become a premium member of WA has paid for itself many times over in the money I've made on my own blogs and working for other companies. These multiple streams of income have helped me earn in the high six figures every year.

All and all I'm just a regular dude that has been very blessed because I have a positive mindset, positive folks around me, and more importantly I take action. I wasn't born knowing any of this stuff. I learned it by following what WA teaches and taking action until I succeeded.

I do want to end by saying this. You can achieve anything if you have the right mindset, take action and don't give up on yourself. You need a lot of patience as well to see success. But it is totally possible for anyone willing to learn and put in the work. I'm a perfect example of this. My final words to you is don't be afraid to fail forward. You never really fail if you don't give up!

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Hi Eddy i know what i want my niche to be about . cake decorating, accessories. i want to affiliate with amazon but how do i write it do i use my name Linda,s cake decorating, as my domain like i said i am 65 years old. i had started to become a affliate on amazon a few years back had started doing the paper work on their site had forgotten all about that
EddySalomon Premium
Hi Linda,
Please post questions you have on your own profile here:

Just respond to any messages I leave there. That's how to communicate with me about things related to you. Thanks
teanimo Premium
Hi Eddy, I'm stuck on finding my niche, I went on the training 3 times but I'm still confused because I do not know which niche
I should pick,and where I should get it,eg. Amazon or AliExpress
or some where else. Sorry, I am a newbie, I need your help please
Thank you bro.
MonicaRobin1 Premium
Hi Eddy,
I recently created a post almost 800 words. While typing on the same post, another post was created. I deleted it. Then the original post was also deleted.
In April I had a medical procedure on my back, and sitting is a problem for me. It took me 2 weeks to create that post. Losing it is almost traumatic. I can hardly remember what I wrote and the medications don't help.
I tried the site to get some help. The closest I came to a solution is someone saying there is a trash bin on the Dashboard. I did not find it.
Please help!
EddySalomon Premium
Monica, please private message me. That's the best place to discuss any issues you have. If you're talking about any content you created in your blog, if you deleted it, it's probably gone. You can ask tech support to see if they have a back up of your site:

But my advice to you going forward is save whatever content you write offline and then post it online when you're ready. And you can avoid situations like this.
I really appreciate your attitude of helpful interest. Eddy, I am so desperate for cash I need to be up and running yesterday. Wasted time on surveys really cost me, while still trying to find a REAL money making method. My family has been without income for a year. Buying a bus ticket, doing laundry, buying pet food, are all a major struggle. Going to need to borrow money from friends, now, till I can get up and running. Where can I get 50 bucks NOW, for real? This can hold me about a month.
EddySalomon Premium
You're welcome Deborah. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I don't know of anything that gives you instant money. Everything requires work and patience. I would have recommended that you held off going premium given your situation.
ecs1957 Premium
I have a couple of question for you Eddy (1) Do I have tax deductions and or expenses paid because I promote my business ,I live in Canada (2) Do you know if I can post my website to many different search engines at once? If yes what would be the reliable search engines .
EddySalomon Premium

1. You should talk to a tax professional not a WA member because everyone tax situation is different. For my I have corporation and I have deductions that my accountants against my business income. I don't know how it works for your situation or country. So you should talk to an accountant.

2. Uh did you follow the training? It teaches you that you're writing content to be found in Google and how to get indexed. So clearly you're missing the training or skimming through it because all that is covered.