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January 24, 2021
It's been challenging to stay focus on one thing for me the past two weeks. Here in the United States we've seen major collitions among the nations and beliefs. Yes I got caught up with all the drama.Have you ever experience a loss of momentum?I did the last two weeks. I didn't have scheduled meetings to enroll new clients. I couldn't get warm leads to commit for a followup meeting. It was hard to increase our cashflow. And I felt responsible for all of it. I can't tell you it was all due to th
Whoomp! There it is...Yes that's me having a discussion with DC Glenn about digital branding.And in case you don't know who he is, you can find him on youtube by searching "tag team Geico commercial".Back to my story...This meeting was about an hour long and we both exchanged solid content about branding and online marketing.Here's one thing that got me to write this blog post today:Branding & BreadcrumsLet me explain!DC has been working on bringing his brand for the past 4 years. He has le
January 01, 2021
Don't sweat it!Starting any business takes time and effort. It will feel like you're going slow, but when you're following a proven system you'll always be moving ahead.If you're not sure about the possibilities in your niche, then you should do a bit more research. Find related keywords to your niche. Start thinking outside your niche and look for other things you have a passion for. What's your niche? and have you looked deep into it? What related keywords have you found? And what is your mar
You're in the right place to learn what it takes to succeed as an online entrepreneur. Since you're starting out it will seem that everything you do breaks or you'll experience lots of FAILURES. Well, it's meant to happen.20 years ago I thought I was the only one with big dreams and having that feeling that I was meant to do more. BUT I failed so much and it was because of the faliures that I discovered the power within me. The ability to live an entrepreneur lifestyle. You know... not everyone
So you're probably looking into an email marketing platform to build your list. I've had many through out the years, since 2006. I can tell you that there has been a lot of advancement in the technical part of email platforms. The area you'll want to focus in choosing the right platform for you will be if the interface is friendly enough that you will feel comfortable using it and also will it serve your main reason for having an email marketing platform.One thing that you need to remember is t
December 30, 2020
Here's proof that setting precise goals, that are heartfelt with a stretch, do work!The second quarter of this year 2020 was a crazy time with so much confusion and panic felt throught out the world. My response was the opposite!I saw a big challenge with a HUGE opportunity and I remember going live on as many social media channels talking about how I was not going to miss this wave like I did back in 2008.The last quarter of this year 2020, I decided to break records and one of them was to sup
Have you ever had a HUGE goal that you knew it seemed impossible to reach?And on top of that, you committed to a buch of people?How did that make you feel?I bet you felt the same way I am feelig right now... EXCITED! and PANIC!Here's why I am feeling PANIC mode...My goal was to enroll 100 wealthy affiliates in 18 days without having a complete website, emails sequence and no traffic.This got my butt on fire to get the website up and running. So I started with 7 pages of content I created over a
I remember when I decided that the online business world was for me. And like you, I wanted to leave my job for the option to work from home. This was back in 2008 and I've learned so much by many mistakes I made. I will give you 3 things that will save you a lot of frustration and disappointment. #1 - take your time through the training program and don't expect to be perfect on your first round. The hardest part for me was finding a niche to serve. This was because I didn't like market researc
December 18, 2020
Last week I committed myself to getting momentum in the half of this month of Decemeber 2020 to enroll 100 WA referrals. THIS IS A BIG RISK and A HUGE COMMITMENT. UPDATE:I typed 7 pages worth of content. Built my website from scratch. Set up my email and created an optin form. I did run into a lot challenge but I am done. It's funny me just writing the above sentences makes sound so easy. But it was not easy!Now since I only have about 14 days left in this month, I am going to prepare today my
I completely understand how you feel. I was in the same frustration and feeling the overwhelm when I first started. For you it's been months, for me it was years. Now after a while of having results in my own industry and experience I can tell you what you must do. Follow the simple formula:#1 - get people to know you. Basically bring awareness of who you are and noticed I didn't say awareness of what you sell or promote. People need to know you first. It's the basic rule of marketing and relat