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August 16, 2019
The entrepreneur lifestyle can be a lonely place... but only if you don't belong to a mastermind.I can tell you that my experience has proven that a mastermind is the nucleus of your success, period. If you're going to accomplish your goals and create your big ideas then a mastermind is the external source of energy to help you do it.I remember my first mastermind back in 2015, it was only 3 of us and we kept meeting once a week. After 3 or 4 months there was a breakthrough in one of the member
Why is it that someone shows up for work and complains about being there?Now be honest with yourself. When you read the question, you immediately thought about going to work at your job because you have to earn money to pay bills. Right?If you didn't think this way then this blog post is not for you.The question refers to someone showing up here at Wealthy Affiliate to work on their dream and then starts to complain about all the things required to succeed.The reason for this is because of stil
What I am about to share with you is not just another personality test but it's a way to understand your personal brand. Personal brand is someting you'll learn as you go. You can't just create your personal brand out of thin air. It happens in time and with consistent effort learning from your actions, reactions and how people see you.The creator of the test called How To Fascinate... is NY Times bestseller author "Sally Hoagshead".Why I am sharing this with you is because I believe it will ad
June 24, 2019
Most likely you've heard to start at the beginning. But as online entrepreneurs we must do things a bit different.Start At The EndThis is also known as Reverse Engineer.Looking at the end result of your vision and reverse the process of how you will accomplish it all the way back to the start up point.The ProblemThis requires having a clear mental picture on paper. A road map that's clear to understand with a simple process to follow.Sometimes this is difficult for a new online entrepreneur to
It drives me crazy when I hear people desperate to make money and looking for a "do it for me" program.That's just lazy!Yes, I said it... lazy!Wealthy Affiliate does not work for YOU when you don't do the work.The fact is that your results with this program are directly connected to the effort and time you work on it.And by the way...The Wealthy Affiliate program is not a short term, make money now, push a button, or magical system that will make you the money.Wealthy Affiliate is a precise tr
The hardest thing for me running a business is letting go of the "I can do it myself" mindset.The truth is that successful business owners have systems in place to get things done. It's a team effort... and there's no "i" in team.One of those systems is having a team of motivated people doing the "other" things. It's everyone taking a piece of the pie. ;)I use Trello.Trello has become the newest addition to my "getting things done" system.It's a platform to stay organized with business and life
May 27, 2019
Time for a make-over on your website?If you're working on the look and feel of your site, then you'll want to consider a 1 thing that will capture the attention of your visitors.Before I give you this tip, I want to remind you that there is no such thing as perfection. Your website will always required updates on the way it looks and feels.So, don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on making profits. Specially if you're just getting started. Okay, so now back to give the 1 thing that will capture t
I had too much vacation for the year. Ready to get back to work.It's time to work for a million dollars per year income. But, how much time does it really take?Most entrepreneurs I know are working over 100 hours a week, just so that they never have to work on a 40 hour week job.To most people, that sounds crazy... right? One of my mentors taught me that if I wanted to earn a million dollars a year, the minimum work time is 60 hours per week. Minimum of 60.This is NOT just saying I am working 6
There's a system for everything.A system for web traffic. A system for lead generation. A system for follow-up.I've come to understand that systems do help my business.But it can also hurt my purpose.We all must remember why we're doing a business online. The reason behind why we have systems must be greater than just more leads and more sales.Yes, we must keep focus on making a profit. But we can also make a difference in someone's life.So today I challenge you to think outside of your systems
May 08, 2019
Let's talk abit about Rejection.Rejection is part of our life and they could break you or strenghten you.I got a message yesterday and it was all about rejection. The business owner did not trust the offer and wanted to see proof first before buying the service.So what would you say?Here's what I said:"I completely understand the over-promises without the backbone to prove it. I’ve done this for 12 years and I can honestly say that commitment is hard to find. That’s why I don’