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Last Update: June 13, 2012
I don't know how many people have had trouble in this area. When I first created account in an affiliate site all of a sudden I had text enhancer's on all of my written work (website, articles). What a text enhancer does is it puts advertising within your work. It highlights the word and when you hover over it with your mouse it pulls up advertising. It gets really annoying when it occurs very 10 words. I really felt my reader where tired out before they were able to get to my links.

Well needless to say I needed to get rid of this little problem. When I click on the help button within the advertising it gave me an opt - out option. Cool I can get rid of it! Didn't work ! Well after reading many tips and points I found out what it is.

It is not a virus it's something set up on your browser. The fix it solution they put out was a cookie that could stop the advertising. However everytime you clear the cache or your browser, there goes the cookie returning the annoying advertising.

So in internet explorer you go to the tools and delete add-ons. With Firefox the tools are located on the left side of the page, drop down menu select the add on menu again and delete what is necessary. I am not much of a computer tech, so much was meaningless to me, most was actually disabled already.

Last but not least with Google Chrome on the right side of page select the little wrench. With the drop down menu select tools and extensions. Here is where the add-ons are located. Once again disable. I have not ran into any problems since.
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Shawn Martin Premium
Thank you fro this info, I was having the same experiences.