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Last Update: November 01, 2013

Hey Check out some Easy to Follow Start Blog FREE Training Videos if you are
looking for some easy and fun ways to make money by blogging.

Starting a blog to make money is not difficult. But, you must go through the
proper procedures to get a lot of traffic from the search engines. The best and
easiest way to get started, is to find out what you are passionate about. Then
you take that passion and start blogging about it, then you can turn that blog
into a money machine. You do it like...

Finding Your Passio.

  • The first thing you need to be concerned about is traffic. If you have no
    traffic, you have no business right? So make your self a list of keyword phrases,
    you would type in to search engines. Do at least 3 different niches that you
    are passionate about.
  • Then you need to grab a Keyword Research Tool. My favorite is JAAXY, but
    there are other good ones too. Start typing those keyword phrases into your
    Keyword Research Tool, then use the return data to determine your niche.

The Keyword Tool search results will show you a list of related keywords,
number of searches for each keyword, potential traffic and how much competition
you will have for each keyword.

Using The Search Results

  • The first data column, is a list of related keyword search terms you can
    use to build your traffic in the search engines.
  • The second, is simply the total number of monthly searches people
    have typed in for each keyword phrase.
  • The third, is the potential amount of visitors your site would get,
    depending on how attractive your subject lines would be in the search engine
  • The fourth, is the amount of competition you are up against for each of
    the related keyword search terms listed for you to use.
  • There is also a search result of domain names available for each of the keywords
    listed. This can help to get a powerful domain for your business.

Those are the basic steps that it takes to get started. There is a series of how
to videos available
at not only no cost, but hosting is also available for

This can get you started building your business without investing a dime. It
is a complete video training series that teaches you exactly how to set up your
first Search Engine Friendly website, ready
to start getting traffic and making money.


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wow! You've just sold snow to an Eskimo! If this is not for your website, let me know. Well written.
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Good job. If this is going on your website, consider ending the blog encouraging them to leave a comment or their thoughts (engage the readers). Also, put a link back to your WA profile at the end of the blog to draw them in to WA.
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Great post!