These lessons are amazing!

Last Update: December 15, 2018

Over the last few years I have taken courses from:

* Chris Ferrell
* Ed Dale
* Russell Brunson
* Sarah Starr
* Ryan Levesque

Probably others. In any case these lessons are the best I have worked with. I am ony wondering about copy writing skills. Perhaps that will be covered as well, but for now this is the best course I have been a part of. People are incredibly active, and this is the most responsive support I have ever seen.

Thanks so much,


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AlexEvans Premium
Looks like you are enjoying the journey, many if us have done the rounds, almost a right of passage thing.

The great thing about WA is having everything in one place, knowledge, resources and support.

In that environment it gives people the opportunity to extend themselves.

Best wishes as you continue your journey.
sigauke Premium
Very true, I have participated in online communities, but WA is exceptional. The course, the community, the support and success stories, superb
N33 Premium
Hi Ear,

I don't know any of the names you listed and I have no comparison point anyway, but I know this is such a high-quality platform and such an incredibly engaged community.

Wishing you much pleasure and success,

N with a smile
EarlWest Premium
Look them up if you're curious. Russell Brunson as example, is worth something like one hundred million dollars based on his web business. Quite successful, the one thing I dislike about his approach is that everything is an additional sale. It makes him a lot of money, but I find it quite sleazy.