Crowd1 Banned in Namibia

Last Update: February 25, 2020

This post is just for some of my referrals and probably won't matter to most of the people that follow me.

Crowd1 is banned in Namibia for being a ponzi scheme and if you promote this company in that county you face 10 years in prison.

I get comments about this company ALL THE TIME (I reviewed it).

The difference between a place like Crowd1 and Wealthy Affiliate is Crowd1 won't last long and will eventually collapse because it's a ponzi scheme.

You can also get in legal trouble for promoting it.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a lasting and legal business online.

So to my referrals who were thinking about joining Crowd1 don't do it. It's not going to last much longer and is being investigated in South Africa and others countries as well for being an illegal pyramid scheme.

Once a ponzi scheme collapses it's almost impossible to get your money back.

Invest in long term businesses which Weathy Affiliate teaches.

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Nomfundo289 Premium
Thank you for sharing this with us. Unfortunately for some of us it's a little bit too late. Thank God we hadn't gotten far with it, but our heart is broken for the money we lost. It's actually sick that people would do scam people of such money.
dylanrieger Premium
Yeah it's a shame. It's going to last a little while longer before South Africa takes it more seriously but it's always a bad idea to invest in these types of companies. There's no such things as free money. You have to work for it and that includes on the internet.
Nomfundo289 Premium
That is indeed very true. There is no overnight success.
Mick18 Premium
Thanks for the warning.
sdawson Premium
That's interesting. I haven't heard of Crowd1 yet. I will remember this though. Thanks
FKelso Premium Plus
Thanks for the warning.
CandP Premium
Great advice, Dylan! You are another example of how this community helps each other. You rock!
Colette and Philip