OFF TO A GOOD START :- DygieReds is making progress

Last Update: June 22, 2018


Off to a good start.

My progress so far In Wealthy Affiliate has already been quite an enjoyable journey. I have two websites going strong, both indexed with Google. I have reason to celebrate a little and dibble dabble around the WA community helping others and newbies. I can truly say, "Off to a good start." The best is yet to come and more hard work yet, but I am sure it will be worth it all in the end.


Testing the waters.

I decided to test the waters in an already popular niche but I have a twist to it. The health and fitness niche already has lots of authoritative websites and gurus out there, but I'm adding the spiritual aspect to it in efforts to bring out the importance of balance in our two-fold existence.

Wellness and healthy living is not only physical, it has to impact our moral, ethical and spiritual life as well. When our spiritual health and our natural health are combined and doing great then we have tapped into the true meaning of wholesomeness.


Helping to spread the word.

My other website is within the WA affiliate boot camp program. It has been going good slow, because I'm juggling two websites as I mentioned in my previous post. I said, "Good slow" because at least it's indexed with Google and still being built out. I am determined and committed in continuing to spread the good word of this great platform and community here.

I am truly proud of Wealthy Affiliate and I have no regrets jumping into this. Sometimes when you look over the neighbor's lawn and their grass seem greener, chances are it really is. Comparing to the stumbling blocks I was doing before, this grass is exceedingly greener.


Look for me still being around.

With my sights set on my next badge, the six-month badge, you can guess where I will be in the coming months. That is just the beginning of the things I have my sights on, the financial part is on the way, and one day Las Vegas. Not for the slots, but to celebrate the fact that hard work does pay off.

Thanks Wealthy Affiliate!

Many cheers!


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CoraMitchell Premium
Great work... you’re making great strides! Best wishes to your continued success!

Have a blessed weekend!
Dygie-Reds Premium
Thank you Cora!
Nice of you to stop by. Have a blessed weekend yourself
ThimGraFort Premium
Well done Dygiereds,
Keep up the great work!

Boaz Ethan
Dygie-Reds Premium
Thank you Ethan,
greatly appreciated. I could use a comment on my website post as well when you get a chance of course <>
Hollshope Premium
Thanks for your motivating post. I'm in the health niche as well, and totally agree, about spirituality being a key component of good health.
Dygie-Reds Premium
My sentiments exactly, thanks for stopping by and like lt. Spock in Star Trek would say. Live long and prosper.