Hmmm No time.

Last Update: November 06, 2013

Well, starting tomorrow I'm back to working two full time jobs again. This is the reason why I had to leave IM a couple years ago, but this time there's a couple differences. (1) the schedules are a bit nicer, the days I do work, I won't have any time at all, BUT, there will be a couple days a week where I at least have the afternoons off. I'm actually pretty excited about this, not only will I be bringing enough money in to cover WA, provide better for my family, and get a few things I want, but I will ALSO still be able to put a decent amount of time into pursuing my ultimate goal of being a full time IM business owner. So anyway, I will be off for multiple days in a row but you'll still see me lurking around :)

"Dustin the freezing redneck signing out"

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jespinola Premium
Good luck in your jobs ... but you are doing great in take a time to learn :)
BIS Premium
Good luck with your new job - hope you enjoy it. Good that you'll still be able to pursue your IM dreams.
tinamarie Premium
Hey Dustin, sound you have the best of both worlds. Happy to hear you'll be sticking around to continue to learn and build your business. Tina