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Hi there, Dave here.

Over the last week I've been saddened to hear that one of my greatest influencers, Matt Richards, has moved out of Digital Marketing Training. He's now gone into a new venture with his wife and has become a qualified, whole-of-market Financial Advisor. He has started helping people in other fields (insurance, wills and such). I wish him well and know he'll have huge success there in that field.

His legacy though is that he has left his complete Digital Training package to me to learn from! He has left so much value, I promised him to soak up the knowledge myself and pass it on to anyone who wants to make great headway in the online space. There's over 760 minutes of video training spread over 44 lessons!

Even though I have been marketing since 2018, I can still learn more and refine my skills, so I digested all of his training material.

Matt told me his course has generated over £250k for him over the years, so clearly it is valuable stuff. I am using what he has taught me to move forward. We can never turn down 'The Knowledge'.

Digital Marketing Course Content

  1. Laying the foundations of an indestructible mindset (38:50)
  2. Establishing your Business Plan and How to Structure Your Goals (20:43)
  3. How to construct your own highly efficient DMO (11:13)
  4. How to manage your time and plan your days to maintain a healthy work/life balance (16:01)
  5. How to prepare for the 7 business problems you will face on your journey (26:19)
  6. Why personal branding is the key to online success and sales (15:27)
  7. How to understand, highlight and target your exact niche market (21:00)
  8. What social media should you focus on building first and why? (21:10)
  9. Understanding highly effective and productive attraction marketing (10:00)
  10. How to plan and create content for your target market (15:33)
  11. A step-by-step guide to create and publish endless amounts of content (13:15)
  12. How to share highly compelling stories that influence and sell to your audience (16:57)
  13. How to structure your video content (18:23)
  14. How to create and brand an influential Facebook profile (29:41)
  15. how to create an attractive Facebook group for your target market that converts (31:41)
  16. increasing your long term profits and sales by building your value ladder (9:55)
  17. How "Spider Web Marketing" can totally transform your business (9:05)
  18. The importance of email marketing, building a list and how to set it up (19:06)
  19. How to create easy to read, highly effective copy that influences your market (25:21)
  20. The pros and cons of marketing on your Facebook profile, group and business page (9:14)
  21. How to create entertaining and effective social media stories (9:01)
  22. How to collaborate with other marketers to progress your business (11:17)
  23. Active prospecting explained ..... the mistakes most people make when prospecting (17:58)
  24. How to constantly create new connections and how to effortlessly break the ice (15:45)
  25. The key to building maximum rapport without feeling awkward (6:56)
  26. The importance of finding and focusing on the prospects PMF (13:21)
  27. When to make the offer and how to create a compelling one (26:48)
  28. How calling your prospects can skyrocket your closing ratios (16:15)
  29. How to structure your prospecting for maximum efficiency and good work/life balance (13:03)
  30. Common prospecting issues you'll face and how to deal with them (8:32)
  31. How you can use your phone to create a huge boost in personal sales (19:47)
  32. How to structure your sales pitch to close more deals and face less rejection (13:40)
  33. How mirror matching, tonality and tempo can help you to instantly create more rapport and become a top seller (22:06)
  34. How to understand people's personality types to communicate more effectively and build maximum levels of trust (14:51)
  35. Using the L.O.V.E formula to maintain an engaging 2-way conversation (9:04)
  36. High level techniques you can use to create a totally irresistible offer for your prospects (25:49)
  37. A step-by-step guide for overcoming objections and still closing the sale (12:05)
  38. Additional high level objection handling techniques used by top performers (21:20)
  39. How you can still close a deal you'd thought you'd lost (10:13)
  40. The 10 sales commandments (the dos and don'ts for effective selling) (10:28)
  41. How you can close more deals and reps with high converting follow-up techniques (12:47)
  42. How to become an influential leader that attracts and motivates others (13:38)
  43. Understanding the individuals in your team to improve your communication, training and duplication (17:07)
  44. Effective tips for managing a team's motivation and improving team performance (29:10)

He previously sold this course for many hundreds of pounds, before discontinuing it completely.

I will be trickling the training to my mailing list, so sign up here to get the items delivered direct to your email address.


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Good morning Dave,

Thank you for your blog post, it's appreciated.

I hope you're doing well and business is good.

You come from a nice part of the world, although it's probably a bit wetter and colder where you are. I'm from the Essex/Suffolk border, so it's probably a little warmer down here.

Anyway, I couldn't agree more, it's good to keep learning and keep up-to-date with what's going on etc. I'm sure there are many different teachers out there who are excellent. It sounds like you have some great teaching there. I must admit I struggle to keep up with all the Wealthy Affiliate training, although I have a bit more time this time of year to catch up.

All the best to you.


The wonderful thing about what we are doing is there is always something new to learn. That possibility to encompass some new knowledge or experience is priceless. It does not matter where you learn it or who your particular mentor is -- it's important that we have the opportunity to embrace knowledge in this business every single day.

Well said, Dave! As long as we are alive, we should never stop learning!


Thanks for the offer to help others.
Sometimes when you hear the steps in someone else's voice it makes what we already know look different and explains a side of the process that wasn't so clear.

Thank you Dave Great topics to be covering Thanks for sharing and you can make it without you guru buddy like the little bird FLY BE FREE :))
Be safe

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