My First Niche Site

Last Update: January 31, 2017

Good morning from Sunny Southern California!

I set up my first niche site yesterday and I would like to thank everyone here at WA for helping me get through my own fears of taking on a new challenge, The Online Marketing World!

If there is any advice i can give it would be

Don't spend too much time thinking about something (ie a niche), you eventually talk yourself right out of all your good ideas! The key is to pick something and to go with it. Trust your gut instinct. You will learn more from doing and making mistakes then you will from creating failure in your mind before you get a chance to actually make a reality of your idea!

Thank You WA and your wonderful Community!

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ruggdoctor Premium
thank s i needed that good luck
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there, I really like your advice about not spending too much time thinking about something, and you're so right, you can easily 'think yourself out' of some really great idea.

All the best with the rest of your WA journey,