Tuesday Is The New Monday

Last Update: September 12, 2017

Hey guys, I just wanted to check in with the community again.

Tuesday is the new Monday.

When I told my family that I was joining Wealthy Affiliate I mentioned that if I could make Tuesday's my Monday then I would already be ahead of the game.

I don't want to be on the same clock that the rest of society, in general, seems to be in sync with.

The whole goal of this operation is to be able to avoid feeling trapped in an unhappy situation with limited personal freedom.

Many of us dread going in to work, wherever that may be, on Monday mornings after the weekend that always goes by way too fast.

Then again, when you work for yourself you can make any day of the week that you choose be the start of your week.

On the other hand, does any day have to feel like a Monday that you dread all weekend long instead of enjoying your time off?

My hope is that with more dedication, self-belief, training, and time I will be able to achieve the goal of making Tuesday the new Monday. (Or ending the concept of bad Monday's altogether.)

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IvyT Premium
I think the Sunday afternoon syndrome has been well-covered in the press.

It's funny to me how many different theories people have about the slight melancholy some people feel at the idea of returning to work on Monday morning! Some psychs say it's nothing, it passes as soon as you return to work; others claim it's proof you should be getting out.
DSweat1 Premium
There's probably some truth in all the theories. I think it's true for the most part that once you get going it doesn't matter that it's a Monday.

Usually when you feel lazy and don't get up and do something it adds to being unproductive so you might have a point there!

I just like the idea of being on your own schedule regardless of the norm. :)
IvyT Premium
For sure - and the term may getting used to describe a lot of different things that people are feeling for different reasons!
sanketnaik Premium
I believe in following a daily routine, which is planned, simple to follow. If one follows a routine daily , habits build up and one becomes happy. One is happy then one becomes successful , and if one is successful , no matter what day it is, you are the king.
DSweat1 Premium
Hey Sanket, I totally agree.

Although sometimes it's hard to maintain the routine, it will pay off in the end the more you stick with it.

Best of luck,
IvyT Premium
I like your outlook!