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Last Update: Sep 22, 2018

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Hi, Guy' nGirl's

I just want wanted to drop a line and say good morning or evening depending on where you are in the world.

And to wish you all continued success here at WA, my progress is coming along i haven't made anything yet but feel at some stage i will, i am just trying to get my ebay affiliate program set up. But in the mean time i have a piece of software thart you may be interested in and it's totally Free to use so here it is enjoy.


Cheers Dave

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Hi Dave, glad to hear you are progressing. Thanks for the software tip.

No worries Mary

Thank you.

Good to her from you, like yourself I am currently re-working my website as it not attracting much interest/traffic. Also revising my working knowledge of word-press tools using a fellow members tutorials which are very basic but very useful. Wishing you every success and looking forward to following your progress and offering support if I am able to... Patience-----> Perseverance ------>Persistence!

Hi Alan,
Thanks for messaging me I fully understand where you are coming from here sometimes I make a mistake building my site.
And this can take a while to sort out but somehow we muddle through wishing you all the best too


thanks my friend

My pleasure

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