Who Has Influenced Your Life the Most?

Last Update: October 27, 2018

Who in your industry on niche has had the greatest influence on your life. If you could ask them to mentor you and sit down with them for one hour what would you ask them?

Even if you just read their books, watch their videos, and take the E courses how have they influenced you in your business?

Write down a list of questions you would ask them and then connect with them on LinkedIn or any other social media platform that can find them and develop a relationship with them. Once you have developed that relationship, then you could possibly ask them some questions that can help you build a success and become known as an authority in your industry.

Once you become the authority, be willing to become a mentor to help someone else and give back what you received when you first got started in your industry. This is often something that many people forget.

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GinaU1 Premium
Nice post, Davida. I have a ton of influencers in my life -- many I will never meet in person, but if I had to pick I would love the chance to have lunch with Kyle, Carson, and Jay -- a small dream team of affiliate marketers. I guess that it is what the Vegas trip is all about:)

Thanks for sharing -- you got me thinking!