Work, work, work, play , play, play all day

Last Update: May 28, 2018

sitting on yhe dock of the bay getting ready for a productive day. Yed, I,m a Veteran. But, that does not mean I,m taking the day off...I find no honor in it ,till you die!!!????????????

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DebbieRose Premium
Thanks for your service!
tst1933 Premium
Great view looks like a perfect spot to relax after working
Memorylaneuk Premium
Keep on doing what you love doing, that is the secret of success, no matter our age.
With Grace and Gratitude
FBe Premium
Sorry skipped some words beginning as begging and some words
FBe Premium
Hi guys! I have some questions that I want to ask. First of all, I am in the process of deleting my other membership with some other program that I just join reason because they are asking someone who is hungry to bring $200,000,000 and the training is not equivalent to this piece of chocolate mix vanilla cake. I am enjoying this training so far even though I have tons of other things to do I will manage my time to do this thing.

My questions
Do I have to use my own image/picture on my website? I don't mind doing that but I am mostly private.
When I started getting pay from companies businesses that, do the payment would be check or PayPal? I saw a guy with 400 different checks at the bank and everyone was looking at him. The people standing in line plus the bankers etc and some people were being nosy begging with the word I am not trying to be nosy but what do you do. This is dangerous! People might follow you in the parking lot to gun point you or the bank would hold on to some of your checks which call over and over asking why some are not clear yet. Please someone answer my questions. Mostly I need the ambassador to answer. Thanks!