Moving at light speed

Last Update: June 04, 2018

Whew!!!...what a ride...had to get off the train and come back to my dock to reflect anjd clear my head.

Well, I just bought a truck, moved partially into a nice new apt., met a lady only 1 hr away from me, looking at buying a boat, titlle transfer on truck this wed., getting the last of my household goods delivered on the 16th, trying 2 go fishing w my lady this weekend, set up roku device..sending it back 4 something better, iamazon loves me!!!.

Hopefully I get the trailer hitch on the truck and buythe boat and tow it to Naples fl to go fishing THIS weekend...what a RACE!!!

I beieve in hrad work and fun and winning...lose is not in my dictioary!!!

All of this while doing some wa.

Made hotel reservations, got insurance quote.asg to the curb in nick of time!!!!

Sleep?....what is that????!!!!

Got the tr nick of time!

Losing a bit of wheight I can afford 2...I eonder why!!!??

Peter...have a great fun productive day

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RAFStuart Premium
Another quiet day at the office Peter!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
You sound like your a busy guy. I lead that kind of life also and many people can't understand.

Tried and True

RikaSF Premium
I got tired just reading your post Peter:)) How do you do it? It will drive me crazy if I have to run around like that:)