The secret of success

Last Update: November 10, 2014

Hey there,

I have been continuously writing about me and my steps towards a successful website over here, since I joined. Today, I would like to talk about success in general.

I think the difference between success and failure is the persistence and stubbornness to achieve it at any cost. If there is no one to support your vision, don't worry at all. When you start with your vision and begin working towards it, you will find many people attracted towards it eventually.

Have faith and take positive action towards your vision and make baby steps or break down the actual goal into small steps, so that you can track your progress. When no one listens to you, listen to yourself.

When someone (As I am right now) is at rock bottom of his/her career, there is only one choice, but to grow and be successful. If you quit at this moment of time, you will fail forever, because "The gold is just three feet away". You just have to put in efforts so as to get it.

Even if you do not achieve what you thought you could, you would have learnt many skills during this time, which may enable you to succeed in your next effort. So, just tighten your seat belts and get ready for a ride.



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fksaiyed Premium
olivingstone Premium
Well said and I agree. You will get there... Good luck. Olive
KatieMac Premium
I quite agree it is like the motto " the only way is up"
jsmart Premium
Completely, agree. I have bookmarked your post. True wisdom!
Thank you my Friend,
willugwu Premium
Good inspiration!