Success mystery: 5 things you are probably not told yet!

Last Update: November 27, 2017

Becoming successful is a mystery to everyone in the world and it means different to everyone. Here are 5 things which most of us do not understand until we study "success":

1. Being successful does not mean financial success.

Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich" lists out 12 areas where a truly successful person should be successful. Financial success comes in the last.

That makes sense. Because, if you are successful financially, but have 2 friends in your list of circle of influence, it is not going to do any good to you in future. Likewise there are 11 fields of life where you should do well as well.

2. After becoming financially independent, money will not matter.

Becoming a millionaire by strategy and not by chance, means you have accumulated skills, wisdom, knowledge, circle of influence and other intangible things which no one can take away from you.

Even if you lose all your money, which for the first time, everyone does (and then only learn lesson from it), the skills and other things will be with you and within a short period of time, you will be successful again.

3. Plan your day before you go to sleep previous night.

If you schedule your day before you go to sleep the previous day, you have two advantages over 95% of the crowd.

Fist, you sleep over your idea. Unconsciously thinking about the day ahead will make your work more efficient, because you will know what exactly you are going to be working on.

Second, by the time rest of the world is awake, you have already completed some of your tasks. Now you can either work more or rest for sometime :)

4. Become tiny to be big

If you are planning for a bright future, reduce your expenditures to the bare minimum. Sacrifice all the things until you are left with just the basic needs. The food, clothes and shelter or house should be just basic enough. There is no room for luxury as yet.

Look at your expenditure on daily basis and see where are you losing money and which one can be managed well. Save the money you have been wasting on not so urgent things in life. Invest that saved money into your projects.

5. Who you hang around with, matters alot

Who are the five people you hang around with the most? Calculate the average of their salaries. They are going to bring you that level sooner or later. If they are millionaires, great! If they are not so, then they will not let you leave the group.

Think about it and try changing your group to more knowledgeable people so that they give you the resources of success. Best example is being in WA community. Here people are at different levels on the same path to success. You can always ask people here for any sort of help and we are here willing to help.

Re-read these five points and think about the future by improving the current circumstances.

Best Wishes

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Melhaywire Premium
I like number 3....I will be working on that one!
DBeatty Premium
Makes perfect sense, Dr. Rupesh.
giftyafd Premium
Very refreshing Dr Rupesh
AlexEvans Premium
Some really good points Rupesh, I especially like number four, keep things basic and we can achieve things long term.
MKearns Premium
You are absolutely correct. A skill once gained assures resiliency forever!