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Last Update: July 31, 2017

Selling Online


David Lumsden

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You have read my blogs about Mindset, Secret Formula, From A Dream to A Reality, and other articles and at the end of Jay’s webinar last Friday, I argued in defense of site content writing by yourself rather than using someone else to write for you. The work of writing is a valuable learned skill. WA has two excellent programs, Site Content to help you develop your personal identity as a writer, a worthwhile ability as an online entrepreneur.

If you are developing a money-making website, then I want to share with you three principles of writing site content that sell your product or service, that I have learned.

  • Think not of your site as being an advertisement for your product or service.
  • You stop your readers from going somewhere else.
  • Earn their name and email address

People are used to having their good movies on TV interrupted by ads, and do not appreciate it. Do You? So when they land on your site, they do not want to see another ad. They have conditioned themselves to tune out.

However, many online business people go to extents to make their sites look like ads. Do not go there. You want to catch your reader’s attention and keep them fixed. They are looking for solid information, that feels editorial. Passion is not hype. People go on the internet to find information. Is it any wonder that the web is referred to as the Information Superhighway? Provide good information, not ‘marketese’ or sales pitch.

For example, here is a site headline: ‘Melt Away Cancer from Your Body.’ See how that headline, not an ad, tends to glue you to the site, and you want to know more.

Engage your prospects if you want them to buy your product or service.

Online business people spend much time and or money endeavoring to get Traffic.That will not mean anything, if you do not write compelling content, that stops them, and gets them to do what you want them to do, when they get to your site. Generally, your visitors have very short spans of attention. You inject, emotion, drama, and credibility. Write as I said, in an Editorial Style. Like you are writing a news item.

You must have a direct response for your website to succeed. Your desired response on the first page is to get someone to act and that is to give you their information that you need by giving a free gift, such as a free Report In your fist page you have a pretty background and a comments box, with space for title name and email or you have a Contact box that shows the required action for visitors to receive the free report.Here is what designers call an opt-in offer. You might have an action title for the box which motivates them to give you their email address.

Send me my free report now.

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You have your front-page, 30-second attention grabber and required action done. Mission accomplished.


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zakmule Premium
Hi I have enjoyed reading your posts - Zak
drlumsden Premium
Dear zakmule,

Good Day!
Thank you. You are very kind.
I hope the experience has been profitable for you in your learning and for your website.
May you have a great day sailing along in your online business.

abdul11 Premium
good post
drlumsden Premium
Dear abdul11,

Good Day!
Thanks for your response.

You will pick up much more information from my reply to MKearns just below.
Have a great day sailing along in your online business development and website work. in relationship with your audience
(people who are looking to your website to buy your product or service).

MKearns Premium
Yes. Lead generation is a critical first step in the funnel David!
drlumsden Premium
Dear MKearns,

Good Day!
Thank you for your response to my article 'Selling Online.'

Re: Lead Generation - Critical First Step

Your point of view is appreciated. Supposing someone outside the world of online marketing (we have may such people who join this world through WA and as newbies seek our help) should ask "What do you do for a living?" And I answer," I create content for Lead Generation." I would totally confuse them.
So, I say, "I work on new ways to attract people to my business." The emphasis is on the the last word 'business.'

In online marketing that would be profitable, as you agree, we need a stellar money-making website. A website to some could be like their 'Store.' You need to have a store before it makes sense to launch your business and attract traffic.

If you were to talk Traffic generation, there are many companies that are tying up significant dollars out of their marketing budget in social media marketing with the hope of creating many convertible leads with nowhere to go. But as you realize, they have created leads attracted to a shoddy website, and have lost their shirt.
On the flip side of the coin, you need a 'killer' sales website, with great design and the content well written, like a new store, ready for you to attract (generate leads), engage and capture those leads and seek conversions into buyers of your product or service.
You have or should have a targeted market carefully selected, in mind, when you are writing the content of your website. But you do not reach out to that market until you have a quality sales website ready to engage them. As some marketers say, " Ready, Fire, Aim." That is to say, you have a stellar website ready to fire, then you aim at your targeted market to get your traffic, leads, sales , and to eventually form your CRM (a lead storage system once they convert). Otherwise, our efforts could kill our business before we start.

Planning and Preparation, as you realize, are crucial to success. If we do not organize properly, we assure our own failure. (See my other blogs like , Mindset, Secret Formula, and From a Dream to a Reality, which have already established the fact).
In 'Selling Online,' am addressing specifically, an often neglected aspect of online marketing and that is to write a simple, but stellar Front Page, which must engage and capture them (the results of your lead or traffic generation efforts, such as the use of
Leadfeeder, Unomy,,, or Growbots.).

As you know, common sense says do not be afraid of writing your own content. There is ample training available on WA, and I write in my blogs about the importance of mind set and personality, then we apply the three principles that I set in the above article 'Selling Online' dealing with ONLY the Front Page, when your audience comes to your website. See the example of the WA start page.
It does this exactly. I want writers of their business website to get started on the right foot. Then your website may have anywhere up to 10 pages , or more, with detail and offers. See 'Secret Formula.'What I am doing is taking an abstract from Website design and writing content, and giving all a fundamental start, the Front Page in Selling Online.

The limitation is to not deal with all the matters of selling online, just a crucial Start or Front Page. as an islet, an integral part of the whole world of online selling.

Emeolu Premium
Thanks for sharing.