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August 21, 2017
GOLD CUP Monday, August 21, 2017 Dear Team (Winners), Today, we took home the Top Helper Gold Cup Award, and reached the Class of Membership Ranking of Top 200, now at 132, as an accomplishment by our winning team. The reason that I use ‘we,’ is every coach, that brought the cup back to his city, whether it be for the ‘Stanley Cup’ (hockey), ‘The Supe
August 06, 2017
TechEasy Foundation is a nonprofit organization out of a high school in Vancouver, BC, who lies about being Microsoft. They are not Microsoft. They are a fake. I will talk to Microsoft tomorrow, and report TechEasy. I will not let them draw money from my account.I will have any trace of TechEasy cleaned from my computer.However Malware Bytes(Free Trial)and CCleaner (Adw Cleaner) appear to be good.Check them out before you commit.I wonder who the real hackers were?DRL
August 06, 2017
This is August 6, 2017, and at 6:00 am I was hacked by a system named Clampi.Microsoft interrupted my system and threatened to disconnect and prevent me from using the Internet if I did not call their listed number immediately. They went on and removed the compromising data. By 10:30 this morning, my computer was up and running as a clean machine. You are okay!You can find Clampi on Wikipedia.For your protection the systems that were left on my computer wereMalware Bytes Anti
July 31, 2017
Selling Online By David Lumsden Copyright © July 31, 2017, by David Lumsden. All rights reserved. You have read my blogs about Mindset, Secret Formula, From A Dream to A Reality, and other articles and at the end of Jay’s webinar last Friday, I argued in defense of site content writing by yourself rather than using someone else to write for you. The work of writing is a valuable learned skill. WA has two excellent programs, Site Content to help you develop your personal identity
From A Dream to A Reality July 15, 2017 by David Lumsden Copyright © by David Lumsden. All rights reserved. Off and running on the right track quickly making real money is your desire. In WA, you have access to a multitude of real resources, in Online Entrepreneur Certification, Bootcamp, Classrooms, and the Live classrooms and their Archives. Just Friday, July 14, 2017, Jay of magistudios, gave a super presentation on the value of moving from Http to Https. If you missed you stick
Making Money With Your Online Business July 13, 2017 By David Lumsden Copyright © by David Lumsden. All rights reserved. This is a copy of the letter, you can find at WA-Thevin96 profile under contribution made by drlumsden, but you can get the message right here. Message: Dear Thevi96, and your followers, Welcome! Good Day! (July 13/17) Pretty handsome looking mug shot. To increase your foremost development in putting your online profitable business, is your millionaire mindse
July 11, 2017
Capping Your Business July 11, 2017 By David Lumsden Copyright © by David Lumsden Under a published work by Kyle (CEO, along with Carson) wrote on Goals for 2016. I replied with a set of Goals based on Robert Kiyosaki’s book on The Cashflow Quadrant. Feel free to find it under WA-Kyle profile, look for drlumsden reply. (Kyle and others have given kind responses and hopefully you may benefit from the list and why for the list of goals.) You have heard it said that there are 2
July 07, 2017
Top of the Morning Tips July 7, 2017 Traffic By David Lumsden Copyright © by David Lumsden. All rights reserved. You may have established in your mind, that paid traffic is the way to go. You want to get your dollars’ worth when it comes to TRAFFIC. Buying on a site that has lots of traffic, may be the way to go for you. Search Engines and Top Media sites, especially, have a million, at least, per month. These sites can serve to increase traffic and sales at your site. The mor
July 05, 2017
Top of the Morning Tips_July 5, 2017Creating Sub domainsA sub domain can be created by using a domain you already have or by creating a new domain. A second website is a sub domain with its own special content. However there is no domain name. What you may do is use an existing domain name and change it's www. to another name. Here is how a sub domain name may look:specialinfo.domain.comhelp.domain.comuse.domain.comingredients.domain.comforums.domain.comIt is understood that you already host do
To: Everyone, I once heard some say and I relate this to include our community:"Do not look for heroes, become one."Remember to wish our American friends "Happy Holiday."Happy Holiday, America!DRLPremium