Here I sit.

Last Update: March 27, 2016

Here I sit
Here I sit waiting wondering what tomorrow has in store. When I realize what have I done to make tomorrow so good . As look upon that thought I realize that tomorrow has come and gone for many a year, and still I'm here .

Looking waiting for that moment ,when I realize what it's all been about .the running the working the never ending struggle we call life.

A picture of a baby crosses my mind. The smile they hold upon their face isn't cause of some job, some money or even what we have come to call life. For that smile is a sign of true love no worries no strife.

Oh to be a baby, and have that perfect love. So the answer of what shall tomorrow bring, is plainly in sight if you look to your children and bring them up right . The toils of this life we've seen threw the years shall soon fade into the distance like dawns morning light many dreams and wishes to hold when you kiss the children tonight..

Drew A. Wilson II

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caisaki Premium
That's very nice. Are you into creative writing?