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So I sat here about a week ago and told y'all good bye but after having a car on cl for over a month someone finally bought it. My wife's old car that no longer fit the family is finally gone. An eye sore that ran mighty well. The oh thing I ever did to it was replace the break booster and master cylinder right before I bought her this honda pilot the ac pulley went out me with no money couldn't replace it. So we just sold it as is. The front yard ain't as full now but hey I'm here to stay ti
March 29, 2016
My journey is almost done my ranking is up I've traveled though the ranks as far as I can go finance and time is not on my side but I'll smile for each and everyone I leave here behind membership is up and dues are hard to find so I leave y'all with blessing of many kinda may your business bring you a peaceful mind and may you never forget where you came from for all I've met here has a heart of gold smile for I'll be back this ranking of 1349 will be demalished in that time bye for now your fr
March 27, 2016
Here I sit Here I sit waiting wondering what tomorrow has in store. When I realize what have I done to make tomorrow so good . As look upon that thought I realize that tomorrow has come and gone for many a year, and still I'm here . Looking waiting for that moment ,when I realize what it's all been about .the running the working the never ending struggle we call life. A picture of a baby crosses my mind. The smile they hold upon
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I saw this question in the live chat, and it got me thinking. How do I see this affiliate group. I'm sitting here thinking as I wright, and I've had a very warm welcome sense I've been here. Many thanks to each one of you. I feel the warm welcome and it feels like home. So my answer to this question here at WA Affiliate is this..... Give the people inside here a couple days and you'll feel the friendships form, and when that happens life begins. Friends help friends while company employee's don
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