Going through the WA tasks with the Pomodoro Technique

Last Update: July 10, 2018

I recently started creating a new website and I am going through the Online Certification Training this time ( I already did the Bootcamp).

I am working on a really focused mode this time and doing the training and applying the tasks really quckly. I already did them once from the Bootcamp. But one thing which has helped me a LOT is a productivity technique which I started using called the POMODORO TECHNIQUE.

I reccommend using the productivity tool to everyone going through the tasks as WA. I really love the WA that tasks you have to do are listed for you after every lesson on WA, so you have your clear TO-DO-LIST of the tasks that you have to perform.

I am also watching the Jay's recorded webinars and taking notes and list the tasks that I have to perform after watching each webinar. I am currently doing 11-16 Pomodoros a day and the tasks are being completed very fast.

I reccommend every one to focus on the process of completing the tasks more than on the results because this is a proven system and it is going to give results for you too sooner or later.

I had wanted to start a new website since a long time ago, but I had been waiting for my first website to start making money, and it did. On 3 July I had an organic conversions, and on 6 July another.

Now I decided to start another website on a more norrowed down niche, more specific and related to the one posts which gave me the 2 organic conversions.

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Memorylaneuk Premium
O gratulations on your first site making money organically. I have never heard of the pomodoro technique. Perhaps you could create a training on it ?
With Grace and Gratitude
AlexEvans Premium Plus
You will be so pleased that your first site is making conversions, a milestone, and best wishes as you start creating your new site. A great technique to accomplish the tasks that stretch out before us, completion of tasks can be so motivating.