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Last Update: May 30, 2016

Hello to all my old friends, and new ones I may find. I've sort of been back at WA for a few days but am busy with a new business venture that I'm involved with. I'll be retiring fairly soon from DHS , so I've decided to get back to work and get my business on a roll..Lots of work and sort of spinning wheels at this point but I am very excited. I am looking forward to working with new WA members and old alike, IF you think I can be of help, send me a personal message and I'll see if I can. I send this open invite so as no one is violating any rules, Just be sure that it is WA related and not a sales pitch

Just in case you've never seen the WA rules, here is a link to them ;).

They are on page 6 of this lesson.


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JY2018 Premium
Welcome back Ed, Yelp private is the way to go.
AlexEvans Premium
Welcome, back Ed, best wishes moving forward.
JudeP Premium
Welcome back :)
Ecowarrior Premium
Thanks, and look forward to connecting with you!
Cheers, Lisa
Debs3 Premium
Welcome back!
Drawshot Premium
Thanks, hope that you're having a great time at WA
Debs3 Premium
I am having an awesome time and learning tons here.