Youtube Fame, for all the wrong reasons!

Last Update: April 05, 2016

Okay, so recently I did an article and 3 Youtube Videos exposing an online scam.

Little did I know these videos would get 1200+ hits in 2 weeks. One of them has had 500+ hits in 5 days.

Okay so hardly famous (but it is for me!) but the attention I am getting is largely negative, which is fine, I enjoy a good debate.

What I find Amazing, is the denial in these people.

They REFUSE to accept the message and will follow this scam company to the end, believing it will give them financial freedom.

I know what it is like to be in their position, I have been in similar systems which promise huge returns for no work or effort - but THIS one, THIS one I exposed - it is CLEARLY a Fraud.

As much as I enjoy the exposure and the hate (gotta love it, or you would cry otherwise), I am a little concerned I could have uncovered something deeper.

What happens if I have indeed exposed a FRAUD, but behind this fraud is an organised criminal gang? I could be a target.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but it is a real possibility that I cannot ignore.

Anyway, I will try to stop worrying and get on with my life.

Just be careful what you do online, it is possible it could have real life consequences!



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LynneHuy Premium
I think you are just getting a little carried away with paranoia :)

I've also had some scams on Youtube that are getting quite a hectic response...relax and enjoy!

And maybe wear sunglasses and a big hat when you go outside.
mijareze Premium
There is so much scams online... It is good that you created a dialogue about this scam. You may help to prevent a lot of heart ache.
dragolith Premium
Thanks Ed, hope so.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Dave, think you will be ok, you have certainly started a conversation with your videos. When folks are entrenched in a system, they tend to defend it, may be different in six months time. There is a lot of fraud as you put it online, just seems to be the way it is. Currently, the internet is racing way ahead of the lawmakers, there will come a day of reckoning.
My yardstick runs along these lines if I opened a shop on the high street and made false claims with my advertising and promoted faulty and unsafe products it would be ok. I would have plenty of customers and make lots of money. Ah, I don't think so I would find myself in hot water quicker than I could shake a stick at it. My conundrum is why do some folks get away with doing it online. Good on you for standing up and being counted.
dragolith Premium
Hey Alex, Thanks for the reassurance.

Maybe I'm being paranoid, I don't know. But it was an article I saw online recently about a similar Ponzi Fraud which got busted - that made me worry somewhat. One of the gang leaders was from around my area, and he looked like a dodgy piece of work.

I have reported the site to the authorities, and they can be the judge on whether it is a scam or not.