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Last Update: Nov 9, 2018

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New Paradigm with Social Media....

"As of 2017 Facebook is the #1 form of traffic on the web"

After spending a number of months and countless hours learning about the Website work world here at WA...

  • Word Press
  • Content writing
  • Niche creation
  • Links (Pretty Links, Centralization of your linking etc)
  • Proper SEO
  • Google Love....(IE Google + and Search console etc),

Have also moved into Lead Generation (Led Gen) and FB Ad writing.

Have been busy to say the least understanding the world of Social Media Marketing along with my Website skills and tools.

It important I think that we get a handle on how the different platforms work so we can Move our work using every possible avenue so to generate that engagement and traffic.

Content is only 1 part of the equation, after that is done, bring our product to market is equally vital.

Jay@ Magistudios has mention his 3 pillars for Advancing authority in ANY Niche is

  • Content
  • Engagment
  • Traffic


But Google- Bing and Yahoo are not the only games in town.

Diversification is key......

The Process.... The Good and Bad

Thinking and feeling somewhat confident in my skill set up to this point, was asking myself

"How much of what I know can I bring to the FB Ad Writing and how different is it really"?

Well it is...and it isn't....

It is'nt in the sense that....

Understanding FB and its Business platform in itself is like getting behind the WP dashboard for the first time and slowing making your way through it the process and concepts are their own

It is again another learning curb.

It has its own "Native Tongue" that you will have to wrap your head around, similar to culture in different business you work in. (IE the concepts of Posting Pictures and content)

Its different than placing pictures on your websites...No SEO to deal with or legal ramifications to editing a post placing your own content on it and re posting.

(Always best to still ad original content FB likes that... but not necessary)

But it is similar in the sense that....

The principles of Copywriting/Story telling are still very relevant....

Keep putting that content out and getting better at it, because wherever you go on the Web being able to put pen to paper will never do you wrong on ANY Platform...

One of the Principles that is stressed when learning Lead Gen, is the importance of a "Customer Avatar"

The Cutomer Avatar

What is an "Avatar".....

Based on the definition by Tech Terms computer dictionary an Avatar is

"The Embodiment of a person or idea". However, in the computer world, an avatar specifically refers to a character that represents an online user. ...

Why understanding this is so important is much like knowing your Niche and Niche diversity.

Once you really know your niche you can write diverse content around that niche because you Understand your audience and scale your website into an Authority level.

Well the Customer Avatar is much the same but more specific because we are talking about Writing your AD to the perfect Most IDEAL Customer.

With Ads, you can be VERY specific on the people you want to target and this is a good thing because you are using Money to do this,

So the more specialized you are the better Your ads will do better as well your Product you are peddling.

Shotgun vs the Sniper Concepts.

Shotgun Marketing” is where you shoot a lot of bullets over a wide area and HOPE it sticks. (IE spend 500.00 on and Ad campaign over a broad niche area and have little ROI to show for it)

Even though there is "No Failure only Feedback" this can be a costly venture as opposed to

Sniper Marketing” where you are picking an Ideal person and directing the Product and advertising to them specifically, very surgical.

You are going to want to place your business in front of ONLY those people likely to purchase your product and join your business,

This is the first time in history you can do this.

My first Mentor once described the Website as a large Mall, with Keywords or Phrases being the different store fronts of the business in that MALL

Well Like Keywords .... This is where getting Clarity on your Customer Avatar is important.

The Reality

The more CLEAR you are on who you are targeting and the more SPECIFIC you are on WHO this is and HOW to do it the CHEAPER you’re AD Marketing will be.

Dissecting that type of person, who makes up that interest, so that you can write an AD specifically designed to ‘Solve their Problems”

“You’re paid to solve problems and the bigger the problems you solve the more Money you will make”

What are the Problems that Your AVATER is Dealing with?

DESIGN your AD to give this person a little of HOPE so to see that you can solve their issues if they think that they can do and if they purchase this product.

Again the ONLY Reason you make money is because you solve problems so you want to get REALLY clear on these problems.

The 4 questions we ask BEFORE we write our AD.

  1. What Problems does this person have?
  2. What PAINFUL Emotions does that problem cause that Person to FEEL? . (I.e. frustrated, exhausted, embarrassed, insecure discouraged etc.)
  3. What does that person Really Want?
  4. When they get what they want what will they FEEL?

Based this on YOU and YOUR Experiences

How would you know this if you do not know The pains YOU Feel or the Problems YOU Face.

If your do NOT know what moves YOU it will be Hard to move others.if you DO know that it will be EASY to move others. (It’s a symbiotic relationship)

This is essentially the CORE Message its all about Dissecting that type of person, who makes up that interest, so that you can write an AD specifically designed to ‘Solve their Problems”

Kyle said it best, "We are in the Service business",

The more we can HELP someone the more successful your business will

"Always look to add VALUE and SUCCSESS will follow". Albert Einstein

Well now with FB Ad and the Principles of the Cusomer Avatar, your store front becomes that much more attractive to the specific people we are trying to help, and want to have what we are peddling with our Business.

How much of this Avatar Paradigm relates to our Website, I think quite a bit, its so much easier to blog and do Affiliate marketing when you know Who you are doing it for,

Also all of this makes up for skill sets that we add to our tool boxes to make us better online professionals.

There is a lot more to the "Pain and Pleasure" end of this, on using Copywriting to create an emotion to the end user, but am I trying to keep this blog easier to read, and will do another blog on that concept in the future.

Just understand that this concept of the AVATAR is a PRINCIPLE in what we do and the more you can get a handle on it the better your Sniper Marketing will be.

Please feel free to let me know you thoughts and comments

To all my friends at WA

Thanks for the moment

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