My progress in 5 weeks

Last Update: July 05, 2017

Hello all fellow members,

Just wanted to say I am proud of what my progress has been so far with Wealthy Affiliate. First I want to say a big thank you to all the help along the way. Not just from all the training, but all of the community members I have had the privilege to be in contact with. Asking questions and getting answers, asking for comment, reviews and other information about my sites.

I've been with wealthy Affiliate for about 5 weeks now. I an building 2 websites at the same time and going through both the certification and bootcamp training. I am at phase 3 in both courses. Its a lot to absorb but I love the challenge.

I was never a social media person, Never wanted to have my life online for the world to see. But now its a necessity. So I have created a google+ account and a Facebook page. I have added post to both and have been involved with sharing and following.

Being a commodity and stock trader (just for myself), I find myself shutting down my trading platforms early and getting to my wealthy Affiliate sites and working. I look forward to it and am absorbing all the information like a sponge.

My goals are to start making some sales soon, have 25 by my 3rd month and 100 by my 6th month.

To get there, I will continue working on my sites and making them better, and sharing my social media sites to as many people I know to give me more exposure.

All my best to everyone in the community,


PS: I would add a tag to my blog if I knew what they are and how they work. But can't find an answer

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rufat Premium
My congrats on your achievements Doug! It's really great to hear you've done so much and I believe you will achieve all or some of goals within a year. My best wishes!
doug631 Premium
Thanks Rufat,
One thing I have never wanted to do but now I see as a necessity is all the social media stuff. I never wanted my life to be online for the world to see, but I have done it.
I now have facebook, google+ and twitter.
Oh well, back to work.
delroy2222 Premium
Awesome Doug. Congratulations. )