Is Webmail Site Email Still Functional?

Last Update: July 22, 2017

Ey guys, I was just trying to set up a Thunderbird account using Marion's training and it was a massive fail. Do you guys know if Webmail is even working?

Thanks all...


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ownonlboss Premium
First of all: Thunderbird is a client for receiving and sending email. SiteEmail can be configured to be used in this client. I haven't personally tested this, but I know it can be done.

You can always reach your siteEmail email via the webmail button, this one should work, if not it could mean downtime or a bug that you should resolve with SiteSupport.

I see many people with similar posts.. I think I have to spend some time on trying it out and writing a tutorial about it perhaps.

DoubleTap Premium
Thanks Stephen, I tried to send and receive some emails today with two of my sights on web mail or site mail and I couldn't get it to work and that's why I was wondering if it was down!

Much obliged!