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February 22, 2018
Hiya Folks,Just wondered what everyone's opinion is on vs. I've heard and read all kinds of stuff but thought I'd ask the community!Thanks all,Randy
By now all of us should have read Marion's training on backing up our sites using FTP... I've used her training but in the past I've used WP Clone a lot and was wondering what is WP Clone missing compared to Marion's FTP technique? Seems like WP Clone takes a lot less time and it just got my curiosity up a wee bit!Thank ya' for any info you can give me!!!
Does anyone remember where it was that Kyle was talking about good reasons to have a domain with our names as the .com?
Hiya Folks,I've been dinking around with the issue of 'Keywords in Alt Text' lately and found this video by Matt Cutts on Alt Tags. I don't know about you but it gave me quite a bit more perspective on what Google wants out of the Alt Texts in each of your images. I'm gonna be up a little late tonight working on a few of my images... (-;
October 16, 2017
I just got an invite to TopBuzz and wondered if anyone had any information or experience with it? Considering how YouTube has changed up it's parameters making it much harder for beginners there to monetize their videos, I was just wondering if maybe TopBuzz might be a decent alternative!Thanks all for any information ya' might have!Randy
Does anyone know how to maintain our sitemaps as to keeping our crawl errors to a minimum?I'm really getting tired of fixing 404's!Thanks one and all for your help...
Just wondered if anyone has a simple, basic, easy to use "User Experience Checklist" that you wouldn't mind sharing. Shortly I hope to be building a Boot Camp site and I'd really like to get this one right!Thank ya'... it's much appreciated!!!
While going through some older posts I just noticed this uninvited node. Nothing shows in the code under the "Text" tab in editor but it does show when using "Inspect Element" on the published page in the browser.I'd appreciate any help ya' can give me! Ain't gettin' educated fun???
Ey guys, I was just trying to set up a Thunderbird account using Marion's training and it was a massive fail. Do you guys know if Webmail is even working?Thanks all...Randy
November 14, 2016
Just wondered if anyone knows how to enable Keep Alive. It's always the first thing that GTMetrix says to do! I've broken my site 3 or 4 times trying to add it to my htaccess file but still haven't gotten it to stick and still be able to login to my site.Thank ya' for your help folks!Randy